Tele-Class for Future Teachers of Nonviolent Communication

For those interested in teaching Nonviolent Communication (NVC), click below to read about BayNVC's upcoming tele-class, facilitated by Meganwind Eoyang. The conference call-based course consists of a series of six sessions on Thursday evenings.

Skill-Building, Coaching, and Support
Facilitated by Meganwind Eoyang
Associate trainer, Bay Area Nonviolent Communication

WHO: Open to anyone (outside the Bay Area) who is considering or starting to teach NVC workshops, facilitating practice groups, or using NVC in contexts such as facilitation, mediation or counseling. You will be joined by 9 others like yourself who are thinking about sharing NVC with others from around the country.

WHAT: A teleconference coaching circle of ten participants with Meganwind Eoyang. Meganwind will bring her 3 years of experience leading practice groups, workshops, working with individuals, and facilitating groups, as well as graduating from and assisting in 2 years of the North America NVC Leadership Program, an intensive yearlong training program for people learning to teach NVC.

This circle is designed to offer skill-building exercises, coaching and support with consideration for the particular challenges in sharing NVC with others. We will use exercises and discussion at each meeting to do skill-building around questions such as:

* How can we connect with the living heart of NVC?
* How can we clarify the 4 parts of the NVC model?
* How can we recognize and change life-alienating language?
* How can we take responsibility for our actions?
* How can we hear the "Yes" behind someone's "No"?
* What are some of the 'key differentiations' in NVC and when can we share them?

WHEN: A series of six sessions, Thursday evenings, alternating weeks, 5 pm - 6:30 pm, Pacific time (6-7:30 Mountain; 7-8:30 Central; 8-9:30 Eastern). Dates for Fall '04: Sept 9, 23; Oct. 7, 21; Nov. 4, 18. Maximum enrollment: 10 people.

WHERE: From the comfort of your own home or office! Utilizing the technology of teleconferencing, each participant calls into a conference bridge at the designated time and pays for the cost of the long distance call at the rate per minute your long distance service charges you.

HOW MUCH: This class is offered on a sliding scale basis for the whole series, $90 - $300 per person ($15-$50 per session of 90 minutes). Please read about our approach to money before deciding how much to contribute ( We ask that you send in your registration and payment to BayNVC in time to be received before the first session (see address below). As long as the series is financially sustainable (a minimum of $1,200), we will not turn away people for whom the low end of the scale is a challenge.

CONTACT: For further information and registration, please contact BayNVC, 510-433-0700,, . To mail in a registration send your check to BayNVC, 55 Santa Clara Ave. #203, Oakland, CA, 94610.

Added July 24, 2004