First National Harwood Public Leadership School Set for September

The Harwood Institute for Public Innovation just announced that they will run their first "National Harwood Public Leadership School" this September. The school will take place at the (gorgeous) Airlie Conference Center in Warrenton, Virginia, September 26-29, 2004, and it will help the Harwood Institute to fulfill its mission to encourage public leaders to pursue an alternate path in public life - one of possibility and hope....

Based on 15 years of research and innovative initiatives in communities across America, this school will provide leaders a much-needed opportunity to think about how public life currently works and how it can work. In the school, leaders will reflect deeply on their work, gain new insights and ideas on how to strengthen their efforts, and practice using tools to act on these ideas.

Our research shows that people have retreated from public life, and from each other, into close-knit circles. The Harwood Institute?’s President Richard C. Harwood said, ?“We often talk to leaders who feel stuck or unable to move ahead, despite their commitment to making progress in their community. We created The Harwood Public Leadership Schools to improve the conditions of public life.?”

Harwood Public Leadership Schools have been successfully operated in communities such as Flint, Michigan and in Ohio, and they continue to spread to new sites. This will be the first Harwood national school for leaders to come together from organizations and places across the nation to discuss important ideas, have genuine conversations, spur new actions?—and generate more hope.

Registration information is available on The Harwood Institute website at: Space is limited. Registration discounts are available for leaders who sign up before August 27.


The Harwood Institute for Public Innovation helps people in communities imagine and act for the public good. Located in Bethesda, MD, The Harwood Institute is a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization that works within a long tradition of small, catalytic, and public-spirited organizations in American history that have sought to improve public life and politics. For more information about other Harwood Institute programs, visit

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