New Study About E-Participation in German Cities

I received an email from today announcing the publication of an interesting new study about e-participation in German cities. The study is the collaborative work of the new "Initiative eParticipation", a community of German service providers, think tanks and research institutes in this field. Click below for the rest of Hans' message, or go to for the complete press release.

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Berlin, Essen and Düsseldorf are the most innovative German cities in the field of citizen participation over the internet. However, many cities still offer pseudo-participation without comprehensible results.

The study covers all major German cities of 200.000 inhabitants or more. Of
the 37 candidates Berlin got the best ranking, followed by Essen and Düsseldorf (both in the north-west of Germany). The study was compiled by
the "Initiative eParticipation", a network of organisations and companies, which support political participation over the internet.

Read the complete press release at:

Added by Sandy on August 20, 2004