New Resources on Community Intelligence Posted on CII Website

Tom Atlee announced a few days ago that he just posted three interrelated resources on the Co-Intelligence Institute website. The resources are called "Functions that Make Up Community Intelligence", "Approaches to Community Engagement and the Generation of Community Wisdom", and "A map of Community Intelligence and some of its important constituents", and you can read more details by clicking below.

I want to alert you to three interrelated resources I've just posted on the Co-Intelligence Institute website.

The first is "Functions that Make Up Community Intelligence." It describes what community intelligence is and then lists nine functions that -- if they are all done -- can add up to community intelligence. Each function is followed by a number of processes and activities that support that function.

The second resource is "Approaches to Community Engagement and the Generation of Community Wisdom" which is an annotated list of 45 methods, giving a brief description and a "further information" link for each one. This list is not as comprehensive as the NCDD wiki list of 200 participatory practices at <>,
but the NCDD list does not provide quick summaries. I created this list to introduce new people to the processes listed in the "Functions that Make Up Community Intelligence" article, above.

The third resource is "A map of Community Intelligence and some of its important constituents" - a circle diagram showing how we at the Co-Intelligence Institute think about the processes and activities that serve community intelligence, illustrating our focus on citizen deliberative councils. It is a pdf document located at

The Map and the Functions list (in a Word document form, downloadable from the web) can be printed out as two sides of a single page handout. The "Approaches to Community Engagement" list (also available in downloadable Word format) can then be used as a backup document for people not familiar with all the processes listed. Feel free to use these in any way you wish, as long as you include the printed references to the Co-Intelligence Institute, our website, and myself.

I hope you find these as useful as I have in exploring the subject of community intelligence with interested people.


PS: All these are entered on the "Community Resources from the Co-Intelligence Institute" page <> which, in turn, is part of the resource list on the "Community Co-Intelligence" page of our website,

Added by Sandy on August 24, 2004