Call for Papers on Psychological Effects of Xenophobia, Prejudice, etc. on Youth

I received this announcement last week from Ann Yellot, the Director of PeaceWeb. The peer-reviewed publication "Interspectives" is calling for papers on the Psychological Effects of Xenophobia, Prejudice, Stereotyping, and Hate Crimes on Children and Adolescents for their publication "Interspectives". Click below for more details.

Suggested topics include but are not limited to stereotyping in the media; bullying; homophobia; disability; racist bias in educational materials; Muslim youth; immigrant youth; cross-cultural interpretations of emotional expression; cultural aspects of emotional intelligence; in-group/out-group dynamics in multicultural camp settings; cultural and/or gender interpretation of non-competitive games; and planning and problem solving across cultures.

Interspectives is a peer-reviewed journal published by the international office of Children's International Summer Villages, an international peace education organization. Papers will serve as an educational resource to leaders, trainers and facilitators working in the field of cross-cultural, experiential education in over 50 countries.

IF interested, submit a 150 word abstract, including 3 to 5 keywords to by Dec 15, 2004. Completed submissions, maximum 5,000 words, due Feb 15, 2005. Revised submissions due May 15, 2005. Articles must conform to APA style.

Added November 29, 2004