Upcoming Training in the Art of Hosting & Convening Conversations

The Berkana Institute's From the Four Directions project is offering a training in the Art of Hosting & Convening Conversations on Whidbey Island in Washington state this March. The Art of Hosting & Convening Conversations is a training for all who aspire to learn and find new ways for working with others to create innovative and comprehensive solutions. From the Four Directions is a growing community of practitioners, supporting each other to explore and accomplish what we most care about. Click below for more details.

The Art of Hosting & Convening Conversations has been offered in Europe, Africa, and North America.

March 3-6, 2005
Marsh House, Whidbey Island
Washington, USA

Hosting Team
Christina Baldwin (USA)
Ann Linnea (USA)
Toke Moeller (Denmark)
Teresa Posakony (USA)
Tenneson Woolf (Canada / USA)

This training will explore and support?…

Hosting as an art, and as a core leadership practice.

Conditions needed to create space for meaningful conversation and learning.

Specific interactive processes through which learning and innovation can emerge - Appreciative Inquiry, Open Space Technology, Circle, Council, and World Café.

Recommended conditions and timing for using particular methods and tools.

The practice of hosting in key areas relevant in each of our lives and work.

This training is not for spectators?…

Our learning will grow out of participants' contributions and presence. We will support each other as co-learners.

We will learn by observation, experience and practice - everyone will have opportunity to step into the fire of hosting.

We will practice - being present, participating in conversations, hosting conversations, and being a community of practitioners and co-learners.

We will have opportunity to name projects to which we are committed in the near future, and for which we each intend to apply our new skills.

Please come if...

- You have decided that hosting conversations and processes can enrich the work you are already doing.
- You are willing to take responsibility for your own learning - bring your burning questions and explore your learning edges through the Art of Hosting.
- You are prepared to challenge assumptions of how learning and creation happen.
- You are willing to practice your hosting by designing your specific project /process that will take place in the near future -- we strongly encourage you to come in teams of 2-4 to sustain the learning from this training.

$550 USD

Accommodations & Meals
$345-445 USD

For Information or to Register
Teresa Posakony (; 206 372 3405)
Or Tenneson Woolf (; 801 376 2213)

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