Compassionate Listening Training to be Held in U.K. for First Time

Just got word today from Leah Green at the Compassionate Listening Project that Compassionate Listening is making its way to the UK! In addition to a February training in East Sussex in the U.K., there are also workshops coming up in the U.S. in the following cities: Charlotte, North Carolina; Mt Vernon and Everett, Washington; Oakland, California, and Denver, Colorado. Go to the Compassionate Listening Project's website for more details or to register, or click below for info about the U.K. training.

Compassionate Listening: Healing our World from the Inside Out

Weekend intensive with Martin Dronsfield, Certified Facilitator with The Compassionate Listening Project

February 11-13, 2005 | E. Sussex, UK

?“To develop the drop of compassion in our own heart
is the only effective spiritual response to hatred and violence.?”

- Thich Nhat Hanh

When: February 11-13, 2005 ( 5:00-9:00 Friday; 10:00 ?– 9:00 Saturday; 10:00 - 5:00 Sunday)

Where: A community center in Hove ?– East Sussex

Cost: 117-195 pounds sterling sliding-scale for this non-residential workshops. Your 52 pound deposit reserves your space. Final payment is due at the conclusion of the workshop, and is based on your ability to pay and your perceived value of the workshop. (note: cost for the workshop in U.S. dollars is $225-$375, with a $100 deposit)

Secure on-line registration located at: <>
Credit/debit card is required for online registration. For questions about registration and payment, please contact Eric, , or contact local coordinator Darren Abrahams in the UK at or by phone at 07710052876.

About the Compassionate Listening Intensive:
This experiential workshop is for those wanting to strengthen their skills as peacemakers and cultivate compassion in their daily lives. Compassionate Listening is a powerful tool for reconciliation. It is used to initiate peace-building efforts in conflict at all levels: personal, community and global, offering insight and healing.

Our introductory intensive focuses on the fundamentals of Compassionate Listening and provides the skills and practice necessary to bring this technique into your daily life, including listening in challenging situations. Participants will be more equipped to enter into meaningful dialogue, create new solutions when in conflict, and establish more trusting relationships.

Participants often tell us they did not expect such a deeply personal, transformative experience, so we would like to be clear - this is a skill-building workshop but participants put the skills to use immediately where they are challenged the most. What you take out of the workshop has everything to do with what you bring to the weekend - your personal needs and challenges. Together we create a trusting, loving circle and experience the, heart-opening power of Compassionate Listening.

Participant comments:
"I am looking at the world through different eyes - Compassionate Listening is vital in every situation I find myself in. At work, home, out on the street and with friends, family, and broken relationships... "

"I can't thank you enough the incredible gifts that you brought last weekend. I began the week with repairing conflicts in my life...They were things I thought I had to live with and now I have moved enough to bring my peace to the situations. Thank You, Thank you..."

?“The skills that Compassionate Listening provides are both personally and socially transformative.?”

"I came away with so many inspirations from your workshop. It opened up something in me that has been laying dormant - the passion to listen deeply to others - friends, colleagues, and to those who are not in my circle but to whom my circle extends when I open my heart."

About the Trainer:
Martin Dronsfield is the Director of International Development for Projekt Einfuehlsam Zuhoeren, the German partner for the Jewish/German Compassionate Listening Program. He is from Hamburg, Germany and holds a degree in Psychology from Hamburg University. Martin is a teacher of communication and reconciliation skills and conducts interfaith programs. For the past ten years Martin has been a facilitator of Essential Peacemaking/Women&Men, a training for deep understanding of gender issues. Martin is a facilitator and translator for the Jewish/German Compassionate Listening Program, currently in its 3rd year and has assisted in Israel and Palestine with Compassionate Listening delegation training. He is a certified Compassionate Listening Facilitator.

The Compassionate Listening Project is a non-profit organization dedicated to empowering individuals to heal polarization and build bridges between people, communities and nations in conflict. This project has grown out of 14 years of conflict resolution work on the ground in Israel and Palestine. We have ushered hundreds of American citizens to listen to the suffering and grievances of people on all sides of the conflict and to help bring the humanity of each side to the other.

The Compassionate Listening Project now offers workshops world-wide, training for Israelis and Palestinians, Jewish-German Compassionate Listening, and our annual Summer Gathering.

The guidebook for Compassionate Listening, "Listening With the Heart?” and videos, "Children of Abraham" and "Crossing the Lines: Palestinians and Israelis speak with The Compassionate Listening Project" are available for purchase from the website. We also have a new video, ?“Embracing Story?” about the Jewish-German Compassionate Listening project. <>

The Compassionate Listening Project | P. O. Box 17 | Indianola, WA 98342 |

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