National Sustained Dialogue Campus Network Conference Coming Up in April

The 2005 National Sustained Dialogue Campus Network Conference will take place at the University of Virginia (in Charlottesville) April 9 and 10. Hundreds of motivated students, administrators and faculty members have been invited from dozens of schools across the U.S. because of their eagerness to learn more about initiating and improving Sustained Dialogue on their campuses.

Sustained Dialogue is a 5-stage model developed by Dr. Harold Saunders, former U.S. Assistant Secretary of State. It improves and transforms relationships strained by
racial, ethnic, religious, cultural and other differences. Come study with the creator of Sustained Dialogue, Dr. Hal Saunders, and Campus Coordinator, Priya Parker, along with hundreds of students and administrators coast to coast who implement SD on diverse university and high school campuses. Conference details are posted at, but you can click below for some more details as well.

In 1999, two students at Princeton University applied Sustained Dialogue on their campus to improve race relations. Since then, SD on college campuses has taken off. Student leaders at Princeton helped students at the University of Virginia to start their own SD program.

Now it?’s on 10 campuses all over the country, including:
- Dickinson College
- Universitiy of Notre Dame
- University of Virginia (Jewish-Arab Sustained Dialogue)

Learn HOW to implement SD in your community; See WHAT others are doing nationwide with SD; Get TOOLS to overcome racial, religious, socioeconomic, and Jewish-Arab tensions; and NETWORK with diverse people and campuses.

The International Institute for Sustained Dialogue is a non-profit organization. The Sustained Dialogue Campus Network is a voluntary network. We offer this weekend tuition free. Donations from supportive individuals sustain this work and are appreciated.

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