September Project to Run Again in 2005!

I just received this inspiring announcement from the September Project - the highly successful project that got hundreds of public libraries to hold events on democracy, citizenship and patriotism on and around September 11, 2004. The message announced that the September Project is going forward again in 2005, and it is my hope that the dialogue & deliberation community can make a real splash in the program this year.

This is a great opportunity for D&D activists, organizers and facilitators to build ongoing relationships with their local public libraries in order to introduce more people in their area to dialogue and deliberation. If you are interested in helping NCDD mobilize the D&D community around the 2005 September Project, please email me at [email protected] right away to let me know. Click below to read the September Project's announcement.


It is with pleasure and excitement that we announce that The September Project will indeed happen again in 2005! Once again, libraries and other public spaces across the world will organize events on the weekend of September 11 that are centered around the topics of democracy, citizenship, and patriotism. September 11 falls on a Sunday this year, which brings some special issues to this year's events. For one, as some libraries have limited hours or are not open on Sundays, please schedule September Project activities whenever it's appropriate for your library.

Last year, many venues held events throughout the week of September 11 to accommodate academic and community schedules, and, in one case, moved the events so they didn't coincide with a football game. Flexibility is key! Also, because September 11, 2005 falls on a Sunday, spiritual leaders are contacting us, eager to organize interfaith activities in libraries. This is a unique opportunity to reflect, learn, and connect with people of other faiths on issues that matter to the community.

Please visit to learn more about the project, to read about last year's events, and most importantly: to sign up your library and once again show the world that libraries are a vital resource in building stronger communities.

After last year's success of nearly 500 events in all 50 states and 8 countries, we can't wait to behold the inspired and creative programs that will happen across the world on September 11th. From teens creating a Teen Bill of Rights, to forums on the right to vote--we loved reading about events in the news and receiving stories from individual libraries, and look forward to hearing from you. Please use this list to share ideas on the project, from planning, to ideas, to publicity--any topics that will help you improve and expand this year's events.

Let's make September 11th a day when everyone comes together to embrace democracy and learn from our greatest resource: each other.


sarah washburn and david silver
co-directors, the september project

Added March 02, 2005