Dialogue Event on Reinventing Culture through Business

The Presidio Dialogues in San Francisco will hold a dialogue on March 22 at 7:00 p.m. on "Reinventing Culture Through Business: Developing 2020 Foresight." Participants in this dialogue will explore the role that business can play in creating and reinventing culture. Click below for more details.

Reinventing Culture Through Business: Developing 2020 Foresight

Everywhere we see the impact of business on culture and quality of life. But we each have the opportunity and responsibility to first imagine, and then create, a future that works for all - including our children?’s children and all of Nature. Just as Silicon Valley accelerated global movement into the Information Age, so the Greater SF Bay Area has taken a leadership role in accelerating our movement into the Age of Consciousness and Accountability. At this evening's Dialogue we'll explore the role that business can play in creating and reinventing culture.

Some Questions We'll Consider ...

Imagine it?’s the year 2020. A number of business organizations have transformed their capacity to contribute to the well being of their immediate and extended stakeholder families. The striking success of these pioneering organizations ripples throughout all sectors of life. At this gathering, we will collectively stand in this ideal future, look back at the "past" 15 years, and tell the story about:

1. How did those pioneering organizations achieve their metamorphosis? What were the key elements contributing to their remarkable success on all fronts? Where did those new voices come from and what were the big questions we asked ourselves?

2. What initiatives did we, as individual thought leaders, take on to develop ourselves and to encourage and support this transformational shift? What did we need to do to rise to Gandhi?’s challenge to "be the change we want to see in our world"?

Conversation Starters
Elliot Hoffman, co-founder of Just Desserts in San Francisco; Executive Director of Business Leaders for Sensible Priorities in Northern California.

Walter Link, chair Global Academy, former chair Social Venture Network Europe, co-founder Empresa; core faculty and co-chair for sustainability of Presidio World College's MBA for Sustainable Management.

Bill Veltrop, a leading "architect of generative initiatives" in the fields of leadership development, organization design, learning and change; www.theinfinitegames.org.

Event Details

Registration: 7:00 PM (Meeting Begins at 7:15 PM)
Location: Saybrook Graduate School and Research Center
747 Front St. (@ Broadway) 3rd Floor, San Francisco

Schedule: First opening comments by Conversation Starters, then dialogue with participants; estimated conclusion at 9:30 PM
Admission: $20 in advance by registering online at www.ThePresidioDialogues.org; $25 in advance (by email, phone or check); $30 at the door.

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