Update from Let's Talk America

I wanted to post today's Let's Talk America update since I haven't posted anything about LTA in a while. LTA is still going strong, and I encourage those of you who haven't yet gotten involved to participate in the March 16th or April 9th phone trainings for hosts.

March 11, 2005

We value your participation in the Let's Talk America community and invite you to stay involved in our project. Several options are listed below - including training, a host conference call, and our request for LTA interviewees. Together we are bringing conversational literacy to our country, one conversation at a time, bringing Americans together to explore and challenge the assumptions of current political positioning.

With appreciation for all you do,
The Let's Talk America Team

1. Host Training by Phone - Wednesday, March 16
2. Host Conference Call - Tuesday, March 29
3. Radio Interviews Nationwide
4. Volunteer Opportunities for "Star Hosts"
5. Let's Talk America future plans
6. Upcoming Let's Talk America conversations
7. Donate


1. Host Training by Phone - join the call

Wednesday, March 16, 5:30-7:00 pm Pacific (8:30 - 10 pm Eastern)

Whether you're ready to host your own LTA conversations, want a refresher training session, or just want to learn more about how the process works, you're welcome to join the next LTA Host Training on March 16 at 5:30-7:00 pm (8:30-10:00 pm Eastern) or the following session on April 19 5:30-7:00 pm (8:30-10:00 pm Eastern).

These valuable sessions are free, but by the end we think you'll be moved to make a suggested $10 donation to LTA that helps support this workshop. Your trainer, Susan Partnow, is co-founder of Conversation Café, author of Everyday Speaking, and a seasoned organizational development consultant.

Sign up at http://www.letstalkamerica.org/phonetrain.htm

We hope to hear you there!


2. Conversations Conference Call - join with hosts from across the nation

Tuesday, March, 29, 5:30-6:30 pm Pacific (8:30-9:30 pm Eastern))

We invite all hosts, participants, and interested folks to join our next national conference call Tuesday, March, 29, 5:30-6:30 pm Pacific (8:30-9:30 pm Eastern). These inspiring conversations connect LTA hosts and participants from coast to coast so they can share success stories, brainstorm ways to handle challenges, and dream up ideas for strengthening LTA and supporting our goal of revitalizing democracy. Mark your calendar for April 28 too, 6:00 pm Pacific (9:00 pm Eastern).

Sign up at: http://www.letstalkamerica.org/hostconference.htm


3. Let's Talk America participates in nearly 30 radio interviews!

Thursday, February 24, 6:00-7:30 PM Pacific (9:00-10:30 Eastern)

Let's Talk America staff and hosts were booked on dozens of radio interviews last month, partnering with the BothAnd Project to introduce a new approach to the airwaves that will shift the national conversation about critical issues from antagonistic debate to a problem-solving mode of thinking and conversing. We discussed the LTA process proving we can hold on to our own values while modeling openness to other points of view. Let us know if you heard any of the shows!

Thanks to Let's Talk America participants Maribeth Goodman, Ron Gross, Mary McKinley, Susan Partnow, Vicki Robin, and Leif Utne.

The interview project is co-sponsored by The Mainstream Media Project and Harvard's Global Negotiation Project.


4. Want to talk? - Hosts invited for a short phone interview

We are conducting a small interview project to better connect with some of our most energetic and enthusiastic hosts around the country. We also want to get know a few of our 'star hosts' for future projects and opportunities such as interviews, train-the-trainer sessions; upcoming regional meetings, and more. If you are willing to participate by having a 30-minute conversation with a member of our team, please send an email to Mary McKinley, LTA's executive director, at [email protected]. Thanks in advance!


5. Let's Talk America is Growing

After our first year, we have learned a great deal about how to deepen and widen our initiative to revitalize our democracy through conversation. We are now securing major funding to support our work in six key program areas.

Program Priorities

Research - Report back what Americans believe; develop the methodology of civil discourse.

National Dialogue - Transform public discourse by engaging leaders in real conversations.

Conversations - Expand meetings across the country; develop multi-phase curriculum.

Institution - Establish a project leadership that reflects political and geographic diversity.

Partnerships - Support relationships with local and national organizations and initiatives.

Results - Promote our work to a national audience and contribute to the national debate.

Feel free to contact us with your fundraising suggestions!


6. Upcoming LTA events

Over the next few weeks there are LTA gatherings scheduled in Great Neck (New York), Cleveland Heights (Ohio), and Lower Manhattan (New York). Sign up to join one of these conversations at http://connect.letstalkamerica.org/meetings.

Don't see one near you? Host your own! Check out our Host Resources page at http://letstalkamerica.org/hostresources.htm.


7. Support Let's Talk America

Talk is cheap, speech is still free, but Let's Talk America needs your support to energize our democracy - one conversation at a time. Please make a tax-deductible donation to LTA online at Groundspring.org.

Thank You!

Added by Sandy on March 11, 2005