PCP Announces Spring Line-Up of Workshops

Click below for the menu of workshops the Public Conversations Project will offer in the next few months. The trainings range from one to two days in length and will take place in San Diego as well as greater Boston. PCP's much-touted training program enhances participants' capacity to plan, facilitate, and engage in more constructive conversations in their professional, civic, and personal lives.

PCP workshops offered this spring include:

Inquiry as Intervention - Crafting Questions with Purpose and Impact

Watertown, MA, March 23, 2005 When people are locked in conflict, the questions they are asked impacts what they think is possible for their relationship and the way their situation will be resolved. Since 1989, the Public Conversations Project has been refining the use of questions to transform conversations.

Participants in this workshop will focus on the power of crafting, asking, and responding to questions, and will explore the power and potential of questions for their own practice and daily lives.

Faculty: Sallyann Roth, M.S.W. and Robert Stains, Jr., M.Ed

Combined Workshop Inquiry as Intervention + The Art of Interviewing San Diego, CA

April 8-9, 2005

Faculty: Corky Becker, PhD and Meenakshi Chakraverti, MPA, PhD

Preparing for Dialogue: How Practitioners Set the Stage for Constructive Conversations Watertown, MA (2 miles from Harvard Square) April 13, 2005 Whether dialogues flounder or fulfill their transformative potential often hinges on events that occur before participants sit down together. This workshop examines the vital role the exploratory, contracting, and collaborative design phases play in influencing the course of conversations.

Faculty: Sallyann Roth, M.S.W. and Robert R. Stains, Jr., M.Ed

The Art of Interviewing - Transforming Stories about Conflict - Watertown, MA (2 miles from Harvard Square)

June 14, 2005

The ways that people talk about their problems influences whether conflicts take a step toward resolution, remain stuck in the status quo, or become more entrenched and inflamed. Effective interviewers encourage people to think creatively about their stories, opening new possibilities for constructive action. Through skill-building exercises, interviewing opportunities, presentations and discussion, participants in this workshop will explore new ways to handle conflicts constructively in both their personal and professional lives.

Faculty: Corky Becker, Ph.D.

Staying Grounded When on the Spot: A Skill Building Workshop for Facilitators - Watertown, MA (2 miles from Harvard Square)

May 3-4, 2005

No amount of preparation can guarantee that a meeting will run without any surprises or confusion. When the unexpected happens, facilitators need to know what to do -- or not do. If facilitators are grounded in a principled approach to serving a dialoguešs participants and shared purposes, they can quickly choose a method of response, or perhaps even invent one on the spot.

This two-day workshop includes presentations, exercises, case examples, and discussion designed to help participants develop skills for staying grounded, even in difficult moments.

Faculty: Margaret Herzig

Reflective Leadership in Frenzied Times

Watertown, MA (2 miles from Harvard Square) May 12-13, 2005.
In the daily frenzy that often characterizes organizational life, un-addressed conflicts can threaten an organizationšs morale, performance and even its survival. This two-day workshop explores the possibilities of utilizing reflection, inquiry, and dialogue to address these challenges.

The workshop helps leaders deepen their connections to the values and intentions that brought them to their current role, develop a vision of the possibilities for their leadership, and concretize that vision in a set of leadership commitments with clear paths for daily support. It also builds skills for creating environments that channel strong feelings and divergent views in ways that build relationships across differences, enhance organizational learning, and lay a foundation for collaborative action.

Faculty: William Madsen, Ph.D.

To learn more about PCP visit www.publicconversations.org. For more details on the trainings, go directly to www.publicconversations.org/pcp/index.asp?page_id=207&catid=51. And to register for a workshop call 888-PCP-TEAM ext 13.

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