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The Sustained Dialogue Campus Network ( is a network of 16 colleges and universities across the nation focusing on communication that addresses deep-seated social issues such as racism, religion, sexual orientation, and class. In addition to on-campus activities, the SDCN recently organized its 2nd National Conference that took place April 9-10, attracting about 130 students and administrators from 18 colleges and high schools around the country. By all accounts, the conference was a great success, generating much networking and problem-solving. The SDCN also produces a monthly newsletter about its activities - to subscribe to the newsleter email . For a preview of the May/June newsletter, click on the link below.

"It's not just talk...It's a social movement."

May/June E-Letter Update: Vol. 4

Hello, and welcome to the SDCN e-newsletter! This letter is sent out to
all SD alumni, moderators, student leaders and supporters who help
strengthen the network in order to keep everyone updated with the latest
Sustained Dialogue news. Included in this issue you will find:

I. May/June News & Announcements
II. Follow-up from the 2nd National SDCN Conference
III. Recent awards to SD programs
IV. Volunteer opportunities with SDCN
V. Special thank-you's

I. SD in the Months of May & June

SDCN Welcomes the 2005 Summer Interns

On June 13, we're excited to welcome Christy Black (The Lawrenceville
School), Christina Kelleher (UVa), and Jason Owens (Colorado College) into
the IISD office to help us with some very important projects this summer.
Our main projects include re-evaluating our current materials and
developing a moderator resource manual, evaluating how we can be an even
stronger resource to our students, and more. We're looking forward to a
great summer!

Join the SDCN e-newsletter production team.

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CHECK OUT Notre Dame's New Website:

More News from Notre Dame: Tessa Garcia, founder of SDND, along with
student body Vice President Karla Bell and chief executive assistant Dave
Baron, had the privilege of delivering a report on diversity to the Board
of Directors at Notre Dame.

Be a part of the Social Movement: Spread the word about SD!

Do you have friends at other schools who are frustrated with race
relations or other relationships at their schools? Tell them about
Sustained Dialogue! Send them to our website-

Brown Bag Speaker Series

This Summer we're excited to have the first summer speaker series, and to
welcome the following guests to share with us:

Manjri Sewak from Women in Security Conflict Management and Peace, New
Delhi, India

Professor Ronald Fisher from American University's School of International
Service/Conflict Resolution Program

Evan Paul Thomas from AmericaSpeaks and the National Coalition for
Dialogue and Deliberation (NCDD)

Reena Bernards and Rebecca Williams from The Dialogue Project

Dr. Ramon Daubon, Vice President of Inter-America Foundation

Amb. John McDonald, Chairman of the Institute for Multi-Track Diplomacy

Evelyn Thornton from Women Waging Peace

May/June Events

May 4-5: SDCN Moderator Training at Princeton University

May 19-20: National Multicultural Institute Conference; Two Day Workshop
"Initiatiing Crosscultural Dialogues" led by Rena Bernard of the Dialogue
Project and Priya Parker from IISD

June 9: SDCN Initiator Training for West Virginia University

June 13: SDCN Interns' First Day at IISD

June 21: "Speak Out: Responding with the Language of Tolerance" Educator's
Conference at Old Dominion University; Presentation by Dr. Hal Saunders
and SDCN Team


- NEW SDCN Website

- The completed SDCN Video Project

II. 2nd Annual National SDCN Conference

The 2005 National SDCN Conference took place April 9-10, attracting about
130 students and administrators from 18 colleges and high schools around
the country. We were very excited to see many of you there, and hope you
enjoyed the weekend as much as we did! It was a great chance for
networking and problem solving, and we really appreciate everyone's hard
work. Check out the thank-you's at the end of this letter to see just how
many people were involved in presentations, mock dialogues, and more!

We also got some great press coverage on the official UVA Website and from
the Cavalier Daily, the student run newspaper. You can read both articles
by going to the sites listed below:

What did YOU have to say?

"I learned a lot about SD, and the more I learned, the more I fell in love
with it."

"This was an amazing experience!"

"..successful, helpful, inspirational, instructional, and fun."

"It got me even more excited about SD.."

Thanks for all the great feedback; using your critique and suggestions, we
look forward to making the conference even better next year!

III. Awards

Congratulations to the UVA Sustained Dialogue program which received two
awards this year:

First, the Cavalier Daily Award from the Student Newspaper:

Second, the award for the "Most Outstanding Large CIO" from Student

Did your group win an award??

Let us know the latest news and commendations you or your members have
received so we can let the whole network know about it!


Phone Mentor. Be a phone mentor to a student at another school who is new to Sustained Dialogue. This role consists of calling your mentee every few weeks to check in with them, give them support and share ideas about starting SD at a new school, recruiting participants, moderating, organizing, and more!

Kick-off Travel Teams. Be a part of a 3-4 member SD Kick-Off team and travel to other SD campuses across the nation to support new schools start Sustained Dialogue. Meet students from other campuses that are also engaged in Sustained Dialogue and concerned with the same issues you are! Speak about your experiences with Sustained Dialogue at a retreat. Encourage and motivate new SD participants and leaders!

Moderator Trainer. Become a moderator trainer for Sustained Dialogue! We
are currently developing a volunteer training core to assist with moderator training. Learn how to be a skilled moderator trainer to train new moderators at your own school, as well as others!

Internships. Apply to be a fall, spring, or summer intern at the International Institute for Sustained Dialogue based in Washington D.C. IISD interns get valuable experience and hands-on work communicating with students, contacting new schools, developing materials, gaining technical skills, and much more!! Both paid and unpaid internships available.

Website Master. Do you have web design and maintenance skills? Be the
SDCN webmaster!

Email if you are interested.


Our network would not be able to function without you all! Thank you to
all those who have contributed their time and efforts over the past few

Aseil Abu Baker, Ilan Gutherz, Dr. Harold Saunders,
Justin Anderson, Samar Katnani, Dr. Randa Slim,
Leslie Atchley, Randolph Lattimore, Dr. Phil Stewart,
Ava Baker, Amy Lazarus, Jackie Switzer,
Christina Black, Jason Owens, Dr. Jon Van Til,
Elizabeth Chu, Neela Pal, David Tukey,
Jessica Fowler, Priya Parker, Carlton Wilson,
Tessa Garcia, Daisy Rodriquez, Mara Waldhorn,
Clark Herndon, Elizabeth Rothschild.

Justin Anderson, Clark Herndon, Priya Parker,
Leslie Atchley, Samar Katnani, Robin Stennet,
Christina Black, Christina Kelleher, Jackie Switzer,
Vachon Brackett, Jelani McEwen Torrence, David Tukey,
Jessica Fowler, Jason Owens, Matthew Timmel,
Tessa Garcia, Neela Pal, Mara Waldhorn.

Please email with any questions, comments,
or inquiries!

Added by Amy Lang on June 13, 2005