AmericaSpeaks Organizes European Brain Science Deliberation

In June, AmericaSpeaks is partnering with IFOK, a German consulting group specializing in civic engagement and outreach, to design and deliver portions of the European Citizen's Deliberation on Brain Science. The forum is sponsored by the European Citizens Deliberation on Brain Science (ECD), a partner consortium of technology assessment bodies, science museums, academic institutions, and public foundations from nine European countries. The participants will convene to discuss brain science research and development and related ethical and sociopolitical questions, meeting first with residents of their own countries, and then with participants from other countries. The national groups will come together in a two-day European Citizens' Convention from June 3-5 in Brussels, Belgium. In this Europe-wide meeting, participants will review the outcomes from each national meeting and begin to identify culture-specific and European-wide recommendations. Over the next 9 months, participants will convene another two times in their national groups. The capstone to the process will be another European Convention in January 2006.
For more information about the "Meeting of Minds" project, visit their website at:

Added by Amy Lang on May 20, 2005