Let's Talk America Training Conversation Hosts July 7

Let?’s Talk America (LTA) is a nationwide movement that brings Americans from all points on the political spectrum together in cafes, bookstores, churches and living rooms for lively, open-hearted dialogue to consider questions essential to the future of our democracy. They're organizing a conversation host training session for July 7, 2005 4:30-6 pm Pacific (7:30-9 pm EST), via conference call. This will be the last training session until the fall, on September 13th. Sign up at www.letstalkamerica.org/phonetrain.htm. For those who have already hosted, LTA will be organizing a conference call for conversation hosts on Thursday, July, 14, 5:30 pm Pacific (8:30 pm Eastern). For more information on the conference call, visit www.letstalkamerica.org/hostconference.htm.

Added by Amy Lang on July 03, 2005