UN Conference Seeks Input on Declaration on Community Engagement

The inaugural United Nations International Conference on Engaging Communities will be held on 14 - 17 August 2005 in Brisbane, Australia (www.engagingcommunities2005.org). There are plans to develop a UN Declaration on Community Engagement at the conference. To assist this development the conference organizers are conducting a brief engagement process prior to, and at, the conference itself. They are seeking input on a UN Declaration or Charter for Community Engagement. Please consider filling out a very brief online questionnaire (three questions) to help in this process. To access the questionnaire, visit http://www.darzinsurveys.com/ds/index.asp?CX=ICEC&SX=IAP2. Please fill out the questionnaire before Wednesday 10 August. And feel free to let others know about this questionnaire. If you do plan on sending it to others, please send a brief e-mail to Allison Hendricks at with the following information:

* Name of group or network (if appropriate) - for example America Speaks
* Number of people you are sending it to
* Country of recepients (if the people you are sending it to are mostly in one country, then just nominate that one. If there are big groupings then just nominate a rough percentage such as 50% Australia, 50% New Zealand).

A draft version of the Declaration will be posted on the conference website on Friday 12 August, so check out the site if you wish to review the draft document prior to the conference. Some conference sessions will also be live audiocast and electronic discussion forums set up - please check the conference website for more details closer to the start of the conference.

Added by Amy Lang on August 05, 2005