News From the Compassionate Listening Project

Leah Green sent us an email update about what's been happening at the Compassionate Listening Project this summer. They have found a new home with the Suquamish UCC Church and they've participated in several significant national and international conferences this summer, including the 11th International Noetic Sciences Conference. Leah also writes "One of my most memorable events this summer occurred at our Annual Gathering when I had the honor of introducing and listening to Fred Whitaker and Beth Angeline, co-founders of The Compassion Project at St. Francis of Assisi Catholic School in Louisville, Kentucky. This program - the first middle school curriculum modeled on Compassionate Listening - has inspired us to find ways to bring this program to other teachers and schools." If you are interested in participating in a Compassion Project weekend workshop for teachers and schools in Seattle this fall, contact Leah at . Looking towards the fall, the CLP Advanced Training Series from November ?‘05 through May ?’06 has only two spaces left - if you are interested in joining this series, visit their website at for details. And CLP is planning a Compassionate Listening trip to Israel and Palestine from Nov. 6-20 - email Leah, or check out the CLP website for more details on this trip. Both newcomers and the experienced are welcome to participate.

Added by Amy Lang on September 07, 2005