New Book by Rich Harwood Now Available

In his new book Hope Unraveled, Richard C. Harwood argues that many Americans have retreated from the public square. In conversations spanning more than a decade in dozens of cities across the country, Harwood has found a nation struggling with growing consumerism, distorted realities and false divisions that cut across cultural, political and media landscapes. In the book, Harwood argues that to pursue an alternate path for politics and public life ?– rooted in genuine possibility and hope ?– we must get back to basics. This involves understanding why people have retreated and under what conditions they will step forward, tapping into people?’s desire to be part of something larger than themselves, and finally, affirming a commitment to hope. To pre-order your copy of Hope Unraveled, and ensure you are among the first to receive the book, call 1-800-600-4060. Rich is also embarking on a book tour this fall - to see a list of tour locations, click on the link below.

Rich is taking the vision of Hope Unraveled: The People?’s Retreat and Our Way Back to the following cities this fall:

* Kansas City and Lawrence, Kansas
* Seattle, Washington
* Portland, Oregon
* San Francisco, California
* San Jose, California
* Las Vegas, Nevada
* Minneapolis, Minnesota
* Newark, New Jersey
* Flint, Michigan
* Madison, Wisconsin
* Atlanta, Georgia
* Tampa, Florida

This book tour is being organized by hundreds of our supporters across the country whobelieve it is time for America to get on an alternate path for public life and politics. If you would like to get involved, call Patrick at (301) 656-3669 and mention the book tour.

Added by Amy Lang on September 18, 2005