E-CIVICUS Online Newsletter Now Available

CIVICUS (www.civicus.org) is an international alliance established in 1993 to nurture the foundation, growth and protection of citizen action throughout the world, particularly in areas where participatory democracy and citizen's freedom of association are threatened. They are currently offering free subscriptions to their newsletter, e-CIVICUS. This weekly publication is keeping tens of thousands of people, organisations and programmes informed of the many developments that are taking place in civil society organisations around the world, the many factors that are affecting them and the impact they are having on creating a more just world. The newsletter has recently changed in character, format and frequency and is now reaching over 35 000 people and organisations working on civil society issues. To subscribe to their e-newsletter list, please contact Eric Muragana at and inform them whether you would like to receive the newsletter in HTML, PDF, WORD or plain-text formats.

Added by Amy Lang on September 18, 2005