Perspectives Group Announces 2006 IAP2 Certificate Training Schedule

The Perspectives Group has just announced its International Association for Public Participation Certificate training in 2006. This course provides beginner through advanced practitioners with a broad-based learning experience covering all of the foundations of public participation. The Perspectives Group is one of the nation?’s foremost experts in public participation and works throughout the world to establish and run advisory boards, communicate risk and technical information, develop cooperative decision-making programs, and enhance organizational effectiveness through team-building, visioning, and effective communications. Douglas Sarno, an IAP2 Master Trainer, was part of the team of developers that designed the IAP2 Certificate Training Program. He has over 20 years of experience in planning and implementing public participation programs and has written and spoken widely on public participation issues. Doug has delivered the IAP2 training dozens of times, to over 1,000 students worldwide. The courses will be held on the following dates: Alexandria, Virginia - Douglas J. Sarno, trainer: January 30 - February 3; April 3 - 7; July 10 - 14; September 18 - 22; December 4 - 8. In East Lansing, Michigan - David Bidwell, trainer: February 23 ?– 24 (Planning) & March 20-22 (Communications & Techniques). For additional information, or to register for the training, please visit

Added by Amy Lang on December 02, 2005