Pioneers of Change Organizing Upcoming Conferences in South Africa and Canada

Pioneers of Change, a global learning network of young people in their 20's and 30's, will be organizing several events and trainings this spring and summer. These include:

- A three-day course on leadership "Presencing Collective Leadership for Profound Innovation and Change" in Johannesburg, South Africa from March 30-April 1, 2006;

- A training in "The Art of Hosting and Convening Conversations" in Johannesburg South Africa from May 15-17, 2006 and a special youth version of the training in Castle Borl, Slovenia from 6 - 9 July 2006.

- The Pioneers of Change Summer School in The Shire - Nova Scotia, Canada from August 19-­ 25, 2006.

To find out more about each event, including contact information, click on the link below, or visit the Pioneers of Change website:

Presencing Collective Leadership for Profound Innovation and Change
Johannesburg, South Africa
March 30-April 1, 2006

A three-day course with Otto Scharmer and Beth Jandernoa offered by Pioneers
of Change in South Africa in collaboration with the Society for
Organisational Learning. The most pressing challenges leaders and teams face
today require innovative thinking and collaboration across traditional
boundaries?‹departments, organizations, sectors, and cultures. Yet we are
entrenched in rigid patterns of behavior that limit our ability to transcend
these boundaries and work together to effect deep change. Bringing about the
transformation needed in our organizations and our world right now requires
a new way of learning and of leading, one that is not limited to reflecting
the patterns of the past but that tunes in to the possibilities of the

This three-day workshop is based on the "U model" featured in the book
Presence: Human Purpose and the Field of the Future. Presencing is a social
technology for collectively leading profound change. It is based on Theory
U, which illuminates a blind spot in leadership and social experience: the
source or the inner place from which leaders and systems operate. The
methodology and practices can be implemented to benefit a broad range of
social systems. For more information, email Mille on

The Art of Hosting
Johannesburg South Africa
May 15-17, 2006

The Art of Hosting and Convening Conversations is a training for all those
who aspire to learn how to work with groups in more interactive, engaging
and effective ways; nurturing collective intelligence, shared learning and
effective action. We are inviting leaders, managers, trainers, teachers,
entrepreneurs, politicians, consultants and pioneers of all kinds. Join us
in a powerful experience that will strengthen your ability to create the
space for genuine learning and empowered action. We are part of a growing
community of practitioners from Africa, Europe and North America who are
working with these methods and approaches (world café, appreciative inquiry,
open space, circle, chaordic design, the U process etc.) to invite the full
potential of individuals and organizations. See contact

The Art of Hosting Conversations that Matter: special youth edition!
Castle Borl,Slovenia
6 - 9 July 2006

Engage!InterAct, Netherlands and Novelus, Slovenia are preparing a special
training course for engaged youth and youth-driven organisations. It will be
a training course to learn about and stimulate innovative youth leadership
through building competencies to host meaningful and strategic
conversations. In this course we?ll offer skills building in hosting
different conversation methods, such as: Circle Practice, Open Space
Technology, World Café and Appreciative Inquiry. We will also look into the
development of cross-cutting competencies related to hosting, reflection on
youth leadership practices and increasing self-awareness and self-confidence
through an integral and playful approach to leadership and space and support
to reflect on your specific youth-related project, initiative or

We invite you to extend the invitation to any emerging youth leaders and
relevant youth organisations you know. For more information please contact
[email protected] or find the full invitation at Youth Invitation.pdf and
registration form: Form AoH Youth.doc

Pioneers of Change Summer School
The Shire - Nova Scotia, Canada
August 19 ­ 25, 2006

The 2006 Annual Meeting of the Pioneers of Change Network will be held on
the East Coast of Canada at The Shire - a protected ecological learning
community, leadership training ground and venue for the common good. Summer
School will be an opportunity to engage with other Pioneers from around the
Globe. Come and meet with young practitioners who are working in all areas
of their societies for positive change. It will be a place to bring your
burning questions and best learning to engage in a global community for 8
days. We intend to create a space where we can move to the next level in
our individual and collective pioneering. Please join us! To register or
find out more visit For
more information, please contact

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