AACJP Conference On Restorative Justice Coming Up in Miami

The American Association of Community Justice Professionals (AACJP) will be holding a conference from June 10-14 in Miami Florida. The conference will be organized around three series of workshops. One set of workshops will focus on treatment and assessment strategies that can be used by professionals in human services, community corrections, juvenile justice or other settings when the desired result is changing behaviors or policies supportive of behavioral change. A second set of workshops will address best practices for victims of crime. These workshops will look at practices that range from understanding how to work with an individual victim to implementing systemic change in communities. A third set of workshops will help participants gain an understanding of the diversity of restorative justice practices and how these practices intertwine with treatment and services for victims of crime. The conference will also offer training sessions on various restorative justice topics. To see the conference brochure, visit www.meridian-corp.com/aacjp/brochure.php?button=vw. To register, go to www.meridian-corp.com/aacjp/[email protected]. The early bird registration deadline is May 15.

Added by Amy Lang on April 25, 2006