Demos and NVRI Cement Collaboration

Demos: A Network for Ideas & Action ( and the National Voting Rights Institute (NVRI) ( have just signed a formal collaboration agreement. NVRI and Demos have partnered on many important activities in recent years?—spotlighting problems with provisional balloting before the 2004 election, launching the Buck Buckley coalition to support campaign spending limits, working together to seek compliance with voter registration laws, and others. The new collaboration will allow them to combine staff resources and program strategies to maximize the effect of the campaigns they currently share, bring these strengths to bear in all of our current election-related work, and launch new joint initiatives to improve American democracy. In particular, the Demos / NVRI collaboration will expand efforts to restore voting rights to citizens with felony convictions, achieve full and proper implementation of the National Voter Registration Act, combat burdensome voter identification requirements and archaic barriers to voting, and promote Election Day registration. For more information, visit Demos' website.

Added by Amy Lang on May 14, 2006