Registration Deadline Approaching for Diversity Practitioner Certificate Program

Matt Minahan send us a reminder that the May 15th application deadline is approaching for the NTL Institute's Diversity Practitioner's Certificate Program. NTL's Diversity Practitioner Certificate Program builds on the skills of both beginning and experienced diversity practitioners seeking a life changing development experience. This 18-month program offers participants more than 35 days of facilitated face-to-face interaction. During the program, participants will examine diversity theory and practice from multiple perspectives and explore eliminating systems of oppression based on race, gender, ability, sexual orientation, religion, age, class, and other social constructs; incorporate the "use of self" as an instrument of change; develop skills for working as a diversity practitioner from one's dominant and subordinated group memberships; integrate multiple levels of system thinking and human systems perspectives; develop consulting, facilitation and intervention skills for diversity work at individual, group, organization, nation and world system levels; and identify policies, behaviors and diagnostic interventions that create and facilitate inclusion, equity, access and opportunity and support their application in systems, organizations and cultures. For questions, please contact NTL at 1-800-777-5227, or visit

Added by Amy Lang on May 11, 2006