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IONS Conference on Consciousness & Media

The Institute of Noetic Sciences (IONS) wanted me to let you know about their "Consciousness & Media" conference in Santa Barbara, California, May 28-30, 2004. According to IONS, this is a rare gathering of media professionals and consciousness scholars to explore the impact of mass media on the quality and content of our consciousness; to dialogue on how contemporary media report, reflect, or ignore trends or issues in consciousness; and to identify positive and inspiring alternatives to the dominance of ?“bad news.?”

This conference is a call for a new form of ?“embedded journalism?”?—where wisdom, integrity, compassion, creativity, and inspiration are embedded in the daily and weekly fare served up to us by print and broadcast media. Register at www.lacasademaria.org. For more info, email or contact Nancy Ferracci at La Casa de Maria by calling 805-565 9062.

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"Let's Talk America" Featured in Current Utne Magazine

NCDD has been working with the Utne Institute, Conversation Cafe and The World Cafe to organize a nation-wide dialogue called "Let's Talk America." LTA is featured in the March/April Utne that I just received in my mailbox this morning, and I encourage all of you to go out and get this month's Utne if you're not a subscriber.

A very cool 2-page ad (p. 48-49) with a red background encourages people to participate in this "new nationwide movement to revitalize our democracy." And on pages 60-61, a great article by Leif Utne provides background and info on how to get involved. Everyone in the dialogue & deliberation community is invited to participate in this election-year initiative. Go to www.letstalkamerica.org to find out more about the different levels of involvement.

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Marcia Connor Offers ?“Chaordic Leadership?” and ?“Create a Learning Culture?” Workshops in Virginia

Chaordic Leadership is a new workshop offered by Marcia Conner in spring of 2004 in Virginia, and by request in other cities. This interactive, facilitated dialogue-style workshop will address issues of influence, inspiration, self-leadership, taking action, balance, trust, and energy networks. Over two and a half days, participants will have an opportunity to examine their own leadership styles, how they compliment the organizations they work with, and how to be more effective in both traditional settings and those working to adopt a more chaordic approach.

Create a Learning Culture is a new workshop being offered by Marcia Conner this spring in Charlottesville, Virginia. This interactive two-day workshop addresses how to create an environment where learning takes place each day, all day. This shift requires fundamentally reshaping the way everyone thinks about how they learn, what they learn, when they learn, and
how they can apply what they learn to the work they do.

With practical action plans and organizational assessments, participants will leave with the tools they need to help transform their organizations. This workshop will be in conjunction with the release of the book, Creating a Learning Culture: Strategy, Technology, and Practice from Cambridge University Press in April.

If you are interested in participating in this session or scheduling an onsite workshop, contact Marcia at . For more about Marcia, go to www.chaordic.org/Conner.doc.

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Intentional Living Institute will hold 2nd Annual Retreat

The Intentional Living Institute in Charlotte, North Carolina, will hold its 2nd annual retreat April 23-25, 2004. The Retreat, ?“Integra: Dialoguing from the Heart, Dialoguing for Powerful Breakthroughs,?” will be held in North Carolina?’s Uhwarrie Forest. The ILI will convene a pleasurable, inspiring and learning-filled weekend. Essential tools and skills will be presented that are based on the ILI's Integra Model of Dialogue & Negotiation (copyright Chris Saade). Through this weekend learning experience, inspiring insight will be gained related to the ILI's underlying philosophy of "Negotiated Living." A philosophy based on the belief that humanity's next great evolutionary step is that of mastering the art and skills of "Negotiated Living." You can also look forward to campfires, walks in the woods and canoeing. For more information or to reserve a space, contact Barry Sherman at (704) 358-9630 (ext.1) or .

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Intentional Living Institute to Hold 5th Annual Conference

The Intentional Living Institute in Charlotte, North Carolina, will hold its 5th annual conference May 21-23, 2004. The conference is called ?“Integra: The Power & Beauty of Heart-Centered Dialogue & Negotiated Living.?”

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PeerSpirit offers Circle Practicum in Alaska this May

PeerSpirit?’s four-day immersion into the Circle process will take place May 17-22 at the exquisite Glacier Bay Country Inn in Inland Passage, southeast Alaska. If you are interested, let them know ASAP. Minimal registration numbers must be met by March 1. PeerSpirit co-founders, Christina Baldwin and Ann Linnea, have been training facilitators in the Circle process in North America since 1995. In 2000-2001, through the initiative of From the Four Directions, this methodology was adapted by people in over 37 countries. www.peerspirit.com/htmlpages/workshops_sch1.html

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SoL's Foundations for Leadership Course

On May 24-26, 2004 in Boston, Massachusetts, The Society for Organizational Learning will offer its Foundations for Leadership Course. This program goes deeply into the domains of personal mastery, collaborative inquiry, and the systems perspective applied to sustaining profound change.

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Course on Building Learning Organizations

The Society for Organizational Learning will offer a Core Competencies Course on April 26-30 in Boston, Massachusetts called "Building Learning Organizations - New Perspectives for Individual and Collective Learning."

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Dynamic Facilitation Skills training

Jim Rough & Associates, Inc. is offering a training in Dynamic Facilitation Skills March 8-11, 2004 in Port Townsend, Washington.

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