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Applications Invited for Bush Leadership Fellows Program

A program of the Bush Foundation (www.bushfoundation.org), the Bush Leadership Fellows Program seeks accomplished, motivated individuals from Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, or northwestern Wisconsin who are eager to prepare themselves for greater leadership responsibilities within their communities and professions. Applicants are invited to propose academic or self-designed learning experiences that will help them attain goals that they set for themselves. The program encourages applications that will expand fellows' experiences beyond the familiar to learning environments that might be inaccessible without a fellowship. Fellowships support learning experiences that may include academic course work, internships, self-designed study programs, or various combinations of these and other kinds of learning experiences. Fellows are required to pursue their fellowships on a full-time basis; however, they may design their programs to include two or three segments of full-time study interrupted by periods of full-time employment. The duration of fellowships ranges from two to eighteen months. The application deadline is October 13, 2006. To read more about the fellowship and who is eligible, click on the link below. Or visit the Bush Foundation website for complete program details.

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Volunteer Facilitation Opportunity Coming Up in Chicago

This summer the Northeastern Illinois Planning Commission and AmericaSpeaks (www.americaspeaks.org) are organizing one of the biggest townhall meetings ever in Chicago. This event is for the American Federation of State, County, and Municipal Employees (AFSCME). It is a town hall meeting for up to 4,000 of its members to talk about the future of this union. They are currently seeking 400 table facilitators to participate in the event. If you are willing and able to volunteer a full day of your time on Thursday, Aug 10, please contact Diane B. Burke for a facilitator application form at Fax: 202-429-1064 or Email: .

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Circle of One Gathering Coming Up in July

The Indigenous Issues Forums (IIF) is planning a three day workshop called "Circle of One," to be held July 6-8 in Rapid City, South Dakota. The workshop will develop and practice circle facilitation skills, will focus on how to work from our strengths as we strive to facilitate difficult dialogues across difference, to restore relationships to wholeness, and to provide safe and respectful spaces to make collective decisions together. The workshop will also feature children's activities, elder speak, arts, games and reflection. Registration fees are $300 for the three-day workshop. The fee includes workshop materials and meals. Children 12 and under are free. For more information, please contact members of the IIF team: Harley Eagle at 204-786-6372 or 204-997-4838 ; Ruth Yellowhawk at 605-574-2165, or Lily Mendoza-Ducheneaux 605-341-7534, . Please register by Friday June 23rd.

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Registration Now Open for 2006 Educators for Community Engagement National Gathering

The annual Educators for Community Engagement National Gathering is a conference for faculty, staff, students, and community leaders committed to service-learning/community-based learning and civic engagement. The heart of the National Gathering is the learning circle, a powerful form of democratic dialogue. In an era of polarized political debate, widespread distrust, and far too much isolation, this event offers a space for people to share their stories, knowledge, and perspectives as equals. On the first day of the conference, participants will choose among site visits and workshops, including one led by the recipient of Campus Compact's 2006 Thomas Ehrlich Faculty Award for Service-Learning. Participants then join a learning circle for the rest of the event, exploring one issue in greater depth. Most learning circle topics will focus on particular community issues, such as housing and homelessness, environmental sustainability, community and economic development, racism and classism, and youth issues; a few will focus on broader philosophical themes. This year, the conference will be held at the University of Wisconsin-Parkside from June 15-17. Please visit www.e4ce.org/NG2006 to register for the National Gathering and view updates on the program, registration, and scholarship opportunities. More information about Learning Circles is available at www.e4ce.org/LearningCircles/LearningCircles.htm. If you have questions, please contact Dan Neumann, /262-595-2002, or Heather Vallejos, /262-595-2637.

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CPC Organizing Appreciative Inquiry Summit in Chicago

The Corporation for Positive Change (CPC) is organizing an Appreciative Inquiry Summit from Apr 3, 2006 - Apr 6, 2006 in Chicago, IL. The AI Summit is a powerful approach to whole-system organizational change based on the principles and practices of Appreciative Inquiry as applied to large groups (30-3000 people). This workshop is led by AI pioneers Jim Ludema and Mike Mantel and is based on Jim's definitive book The Appreciative Inquiry Summit: A Practitioner's Guide for Leading Large Group Change. During the workshop, Jim and Mike will introduce the AI Summit methodology, share case stories of their work designing and facilitating large group AI Summits, and discuss applications of the AI Summit to strategic planning, corporate culture change, delivering exceptional customer service, vision and values clarification, global organizing and reinventing complex social systems such as health care. They will share stories and videos from their work in corporate, government, non-profit, and international settings. As a participant, you will be invited to bring a case study to work on during the workshop (i.e., a project in which you would like to use the AI Summit methodology). You will leave the workshop with a detailed plan and design for your Summit process. The cost of workshop is Standard: $1650; Groups of five or more: $1400 each; Non-Profit: $1350 and
Student: $1150. To register or for more information, contact the Corporation for Positive Change. Email: ; Phone: 505.751.1232; Fax : 505.751.1233;
Website: www.positivechange.org.

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White Privilege Conference Coming Up in Missouri

The Conference on White Privilege serves as a yearly opportunity to examine and explore issues of white privilege, diversity, multicultural education, multicultural leadership, social justice, race/racism, sexual orientation, gender relations, and other systems of privilege/oppression. It provides participants the opportunity to get honest about the type of society in which we live, and the advantages that accrue to some but not others. The conference offers a means to develop and sustain ongoing work to dismantle this system of white privilege, white supremacy, and oppression. The title of this year's conference is Understanding, Respecting and Connecting. The dates are April 26-29, 2006, University of Missouri, St. Louis, MO. Check out the conference website (www.whiteprivilegeconference.com) for updated information about the keynote speakers, agenda and events for this conference.

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Midwest Social Forum Calls for Session Proposals

The Midwest Social Forum (www.mwsocialforum.org) is an annual gathering of grassroots organizations, community activists, workers, educators, students, and others committed to making a better, more just world possible. It will be held this July 2-6 in Milwaukee, WI. The MWSF provides an open space for exchanging experiences and information, strengthening alliances and networks, and developing effective strategies for progressive social, economic, and political change. Formerly known as Radfest, the MWSF has been inspired by the World Social Forum and the similar principles on which it was established, most importantly its commitment to diversity, democracy, and politically non-sectarian dialogue and debate (See principles of the World Social Forum here). The MWSF is currently calling for session proposals and activities. Activities can include workshops, panels, training sessions, round tables, retreats, caucuses, films, and other cultural events. For information on how to get involved, visit www.mwsocialforum.org/get_involved/index.htm. Proposals are due by April 15, 2006.

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Perspectives Group to Offer IAP2 Certified Training

The Perspectives Group will offer a five-day IAP2 Certificate Program in Public Participation six times in 2006. This training is designed for professionals working in the fields of community development, nonprofit and government public services, and public understanding and outreach. It is also designed for industry communications and public affairs or public relations, advocacy and lobbying organizations, private and government groups, and any individual/organization required to deal with the public about complex or potentially contentious issues. Upon completion of the full week of training, participants will receive a certificate from IAP2, the world?’s leading association for public participation. Dates and locations are: Alexandria, VA April 3 ?– 7; July 10 ?– 14; September 18 ?– 22; December 4 ?– 8 and East Lansing, MI March 20-21 (Planning only). The full week of training is $1,475, or $295 per day. The Course is broken up into 3 sections: Planning for Effective Public Participation (two days), Effective Communication for Public Participation (one day), and Techniques for Public Participation (two days). Please note that the Planning course is a prerequisite to the Communications and Techniques courses. For additional information go to www.theperspectivesgroup.com/resource/trainingpro.html or feel free to contact Crystal Sarno or Kristie Bergeron-Hale at The Perspectives Group 703-837-1197 or .

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Save the Date: Imagining America Conference Coming Up in October

Imagining America is a consortium of 80 colleges and universities committed to public scholarship and public culture-making through the humanities, arts, and design. Imagining America?’s mission is to strengthen the public role and democratic purposes of the cultural disciplines and interdisciplines. It supports publicly-engaged academic work and the structural changes in higher education that such work requires. Imagining America's national network includes collaborators in K-12 schools, nonprofit and public cultural institutions, public media, government agencies, and grassroots organizations. This year's conference theme is "Engaging Through Place." It will be held from October 6-8, 2006 at Ohio State University. For more details and information regarding submission of session proposals, you can go to Imagining America's website: www.ia.umich.edu. If you have further questions, feel free to contact Josephine Tsai at .

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IAP2 Spring Training Schedule Released

IAP2 has realeased its Spring Training calendar with plenty of opportunities to learn public participation skills in trainings across North America and Australia. Courses include "Communications for Effective Public Participation," "Techniques for Effective Public Participation," and "Planning for Effective Public Participation. To see a full list of courses, dates and locations, click on the link below. Or visit IAP2's website: www. iap2.org.

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Town Hall Forum on Divorce, Parental Rights, Shared Parenting, and Domestic Violence Coming Up in Chicago

Dialogue on Sustainable Community (www.sustainable-community.org), a nonpartisan public interest think-tank, in cooperation with DePaul University, will be hosting a Community Town Hall Forum on Saturday, January 14, 2006, from 1:00-5:00pm to discuss public policy issues related to divorce, parental rights, shared parenting, domestic violence, and the societal impact on communities. Topics of discussion include: divorce, child custody, domestic violence, the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA), the PBS series ?“Breaking the Silence,?” the ?“Best Interests of the Child?” standard and the impact on 14th amendment rights, and shared parental responsibility to help minimize conflict. Moderating the discussion will be Dr. Mark Rogers, a clinical psychotherapist and child custody expert. Dr. Rogers is an instructor at the Chicago School of Professional Psychology, and is known for his involvement in the Elian Gonzales case. To register, go to www.sustainable-community.org/event_RSVP.html

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EPA Calls for Proposals for Community Involvement Conference

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) currently is soliciting presentation proposals for its 2006 Community Involvement Conference and Training. This annual conference offers a unique opportunity to network with, and learn from, public participation and community involvement professionals from EPA and its federal, state, tribal, and community partners. The conference will offer participants original, engaging, and interactive presentations focusing on ways government can effectively interact with communities to achieve environmental results. The theme for the 2006 Conference is "Something Good is Brewing: Achieving Environmental Results Through Community Involvement." The conference will be held in Milwaukee, Wisconsin from June 27 - 30, 2006. If you are interested in submitting a proposal, visit the conference web site at www.epa.gov/ciconference. All presentation proposals are due close-of-business January 18, 2006. Questions about the conference can be directed to Pat Carey, Chair of the EPA Conference Planning Committee, at or 703-603-8772, or to Lisa Gebler, Conference Coordinator at [email protected] or 301-589-5318.

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Perspectives Group Announces 2006 IAP2 Certificate Training Schedule

The Perspectives Group has just announced its International Association for Public Participation Certificate training in 2006. This course provides beginner through advanced practitioners with a broad-based learning experience covering all of the foundations of public participation. The Perspectives Group is one of the nation?’s foremost experts in public participation and works throughout the world to establish and run advisory boards, communicate risk and technical information, develop cooperative decision-making programs, and enhance organizational effectiveness through team-building, visioning, and effective communications. Douglas Sarno, an IAP2 Master Trainer, was part of the team of developers that designed the IAP2 Certificate Training Program. He has over 20 years of experience in planning and implementing public participation programs and has written and spoken widely on public participation issues. Doug has delivered the IAP2 training dozens of times, to over 1,000 students worldwide. The courses will be held on the following dates: Alexandria, Virginia - Douglas J. Sarno, trainer: January 30 - February 3; April 3 - 7; July 10 - 14; September 18 - 22; December 4 - 8. In East Lansing, Michigan - David Bidwell, trainer: February 23 ?– 24 (Planning) & March 20-22 (Communications & Techniques). For additional information, or to register for the training, please visit www.theperspectivesgroup.com/resource/trainingpro.html

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Corporation for Positive Change Announces 2006 Training Schedule

The Corporation for Positive Change (www.positivechange.org) is a premier consulting firm using Appreciative Inquiry for transformation and innovation in business, government, and nonprofit organizations around the world, with proven results in change management, leadership development, team building and culture transformation For detailed brochures on each workshop, please e-mail , or phone 505.751.1232 (x2). To see a list of the upcoming workshop dates and locations, click on the link below.

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News from the Hope Unraveled Book Tour

Many Happenings readers know of the success of Rich Harwood's recent book, Hope Unraveled. The book tour continues on to Minnesota this month from Nov. 8-10 to continue sharing the message of Hope Unraveled and how citizens can step forward to reverse the people?’s retreat and forge an alternate path for politics and public life. Check out an account of the book tour on Rich's blog at www.theharwoodinstitute.org/rcharwood/weblog. Here are some ways people are using Hope Unraveled:
* In Portland, the Oregon Community Foundation convened a forum of community leaders and foundation executives for an afternoon session to hear Rich speak about what his book says about the context of today?’s politics and public life, and what that means for the work they?’re doing. Rich has already met on the same topic with individuals from the Peninsula Community Foundation in San Mateo, California; the East Bay Community Foundation in Oakland; and the Greater Kansas City Community Foundation. Later on this year, he?’ll be speaking with funders in Atlanta, Flint, Newark, and Minneapolis.
* Wisconsin Public Television recently purchased copies of Hope Unraveled to give as gifts to people who pledged $150 or more during their fundraising drive. Public broadcasting stations across the country are seeing the value of this tool as a way to re-engage citizens. For example, Minnesota Public Television is hosting Rich next week for a community forum around the book.
* The Maryland Nonprofits Association is providing copies of the book to attendees of their 2006 state legislative preview session. Rich will also be the keynote speaker at the session, discussing how his findings impact the nonprofit sector.

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Discounts Still Available for CPC Appreciative Inquiry Courses

The Corporation for Positive Change has just sent out a reminder that discounts still apply for their remaining 2005 Appreciative Inquiry (AI) workshops. The Corporation for Positive Change (CPC) also provides substantial discounts to students and non-profit organizations. Upcoming courses include Appreciative Inquiry in Action - October 12-14 in Boulder CO; Appreciative Inquiry Summit - November 7-10 in Chicago IL; and an Appreciative Leadership Development Program - December 5-8 in Clearwater, FL. For full information on each course, phone 505.751.1232 (x2), visit www.positivechange.org or email .

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Online Deliberation Workshop Coming Up Nov 17-18

The Ohio State University Center for Interdisciplinary Law and Policy Studies, along with the Department of Communication, the City and Regional Planning Program, and the Ohio Supercomputer Center, are holding two-day, hands-on workshop to introduce government personnel and other interested citizens to the emerging world of web applications to foster citizen input into public policy making. In addition to hearing distinguished keynote speakers and panelists, participants will engage in a mock on-line public policy deliberation using new software tools developed at Carnegie Mellon University for assisting decision making through online citizen group conversation, and engage in small group activities and brainstorming sessions. To see the conference agenda go to moritzlaw.osu.edu/events/edemocracy/agenda. To register, visit moritzlaw.osu.edu/events/edemocracy/registration.php Early registration is $75 (before Oct. 31), standard registration is $125 and student registration is $35.

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NCDD to Participate in the SCRC National Conference

This Oct. 7-8, the Study Circles Resource Center conference will take place in Northbrook, IL (a suburb of Chicago). NCDD wil be there hosting a pre-conference workshop with the Deliberative Democracy Consortium about navigating and choosing among different models of dialogue and deliberation. You can sign up for pre-conference training and plan your conference workshops by visiting the conference website www.studycircles.org/scrcconference. Early registration is open until Sept. 14, and discount hotel rooms will be available until Sept. 16, so register now! This year's conference will feature open space lunches, where any participant can organize a discussion table around a challenge or issue that hasn't been covered in the workshops. The conference will also feature a performance by the unforgettable National Playback Theatre. Visit the conference website for details.

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Midwest Palestinian-Jewish Dialogue Weekend Coming Up Oct. 1-2

The Second Annual Midwest Palestinian-Jewish Dialogue Weekend is coming up soon in Louisville, KY, from October 1-2. Hosted by Elias Botto and Libby & Len Traubman, the weekend will be an opportunity for those who are deeply interested in Jewish-Palestinian Sustained Dialogue to finally meet face-to-face, review principles of Dialogue and outreach, consider shared challenges to Sustained Dialogue, and think together about deepening and widening the Dialogue circle, here and overseas. Cost is $75, $50 for students, and some scholarships are available. For the weekend's schedule, visit traubman.igc.org/louisville.htm.

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New PBS Series Invites Study Circle Participants

The PBS series NOW is looking for participants in a pilot project that will encourage active discussion and engaged citizenship. The Twin Cities will be one of two sites (the other is San Diego) to host the pilot "Program Clubs," which will be run on the study circle model. The study circles will be organized in September and October. If you're interested in participating as a member or a facilitator of a group, please contact the Twin Cities Program Club coordinator, David McCarthy at . To read more about the program, click on the link below.

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SCRC Invites Exhibits at National Conference

Study Circles Resource Center is now inviting exhibits for its National Conference from Oct. 7-8 in Northbrook, IL. This is an opportunity to showcase your program's work in our exhibit hall by displaying photos, discussion guides, promotional fliers, and more. To learn more about the conference visit www.studycircles.org/scrcconference/. Contact Jill Kornrumpf at 860-928-2616, ext.11, or email to reserve your space.

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Leading Civic Organizations (Including NCDD!) To Present Workshops at SCRC's National Conference

SCRC has just announced that it will hold a series of pre-conference workshops at its "Telling the Story of Democracy" national conference on Oct.7 in Northbrook, Ill. The workshops will offer introductions to the work of AmericaSpeaks, The Asset-Based Community Development Institute, The Aspen Roundtable Project on Race and Community Revitalization, The Deliberative Democracy Consortium and the National Coalition for Dialogue & Deliberation, National Issues Forums, and NeighborWorks America®. To learn more about the workshops, or to register for the conference, visit www.studycircles.org/scrcconference/.

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Omidyar.net To Use Dialogue Methods at Upcoming Conference

Omidyar.net/home, an online community that encourages people to discover their own power to make good things happen through philanthropy, has announced that it will be using Open Space and Appreciative Inquiry methods at its upcoming conference. From July 29-31, 2005 Omidyar.net members, friends and other curious do-gooders will come together, make connections, have fun, do good work in Oak Park, IL. For more information on the conference schedule, visit www.omidyar.net/group/conference/ws/schedule/. Got any questions? Want to register? contact .

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Registration Deadline Approaching for Conflict Resolution Conference

The Association for Conflict Resolution is holding their Annual Conference in Minneapolis, Minnesota from September 28-October 1, 2005. The conference offers over 200 workshops, including training and mini-plenary sessions. Register now and receive the Early Bird discount through August 8, 2005. Visit www.acrnet.org/conferences/ac05/index.htm for more information and to register online.

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SCRC Hosts ?“Telling the Story of Democracy?” National Conference in October

The Study Circles Resource Center (SCRC) is organizing their ?“Telling the Story of Democracy,?” 2005 national conference on Oct. 7-8 in Northbrook, Ill. (a Chicago suburb). The conference offers the opportunity to meet study circle organizers, public officials, funders, and researchers who are committed to strengthening the role of public engagement in democracy. Workshops include topics such as effective strategies for organizing and sustaining study circle programs, innovations in applications of study circles, study circle results, tough public issues addressed in study circles, and other leading civic processes that work for community change. Conference space is limited; register online at www.studycircles.org by Sept. 7 to receive an early bird discount.

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Second Midwest Jewish-Palestinian Dialogue Coming Up in October

The second annual Midwest Jewish-Palestinian Dialogue Weekend has just been announced for October 1-2, 2005. This is an opportunity for those who are interested in Jewish-Palestinian Sustained Dialogue to finally meet face-to-face, review principles of Dialogue and outreach, consider shared challenges to Sustained Dialogue, and think together about deepening and widening the Dialogue circle, in the US and overseas. The meeting will be held in Jefferson, IN and registration is $75. Visit the Dialogue Weekend website for more details about the meeting (http://traubman.igc.org/louisville.htm)

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Online Deliberative Democracy Group Meeting in Minneapolis

The Online task group of the Deliberative Democracy Consortium (ODDC) (www.deliberative-democracy.net) is planning a two day meeting in St. Paul/Minneapolis, MN on the topic of: "Deepening Online Deliberation Through Innovative Practice and Research." With over 30 national and international participants, the meeting will cover new practices and innovations in the field, ways to connect with government, increasing practitioners' capacities and developing opportunities for collaboration. The meeting will be held June 24 & 25. For a full list of attendees and to view the agenda, visit: www.deliberative-democracy.net/wiki.

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New Opportunities to Learn the Foundations of Appreciative Inquiry

Back by popular demand, the Corporation for Positive Change (CPC) is offering its course, The Foundations of Appreciative Inquiry, in Boulder, CO from June 13-17, 2005 and in Chicago, IL, from September 12-16, 2005. Whether you?’re a consultant or leader of change, the course will guide you through an exploration of the theories, principles and practices of Appreciative Inquiry. The workshop provides hands-on experience of Appreciative Inquiry, preparing you to guide clients and groups in creating interview protocols, conducting interviews, working with appreciative data and stories, and crafting provocative propositions and organization design principles. The workshop will also explore the difference between Appreciative Inquiry and deficit-based approaches to change, and the power of positive change methodologies. For information and to register contact Corporation for Positive Change at 505-751-1232 or email: .

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Indigenous Issues Forums to Hold Facilitation Workshop in South Dakota

Ruth Yellowhawk asked me to share this Indigenous Issues Forums announcement. From May 5th through 7th in Rapid City, South Dakota, IIF is offering a hands-on, participatory skills development workshop for circle facilitation which includes children?’s activities, elder?’s speak, and reflection. Click below for more details and instructions for registering.

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Save the Date for SCRC's National Conference

Mark your calendars for the Study Circle Resource Center's 2005 national meeting. The conference, themed "Telling the Story of Democracy," will take place on October 7 and 8 in Northbrook, Illinois (near Chicago). The event brings together citizens, community leaders, public officials and researchers to share experiences, and learn how community talk and problem solving are leading the way to a stronger democracy. Check www.studycircles.org/2005natlmeeting.html periodically to stay updated on the event, although I?’ll try to keep you updated here as well.

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The Compassionate Listening Project Announces Upcoming Events & Workshops

I just received the Compassionate Listening Project's 2005 calendar in my inbox. Of particular interest are the Compassionate Listening Intensives, "Healing Our World from the Inside Out" (March 4-6 in Mt. Vernon, Washington; April 8-10 in South Bend, Indiana; April 16-17 in Lawrence, Kansas; May 6-8 in Everett, Washington; May 13-15 in Eugene, Oregon; June 3-5 in Denver, Colorado; and June 13-17 in Brattleboro, Vermont). To learn more about these trainings or to register, go to www.compassionatelistening.org/workshops.html. Click below for the full listing of the Compassionate Listening Project's upcoming events and trainings.

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Theatre for Dialogue Workshop Offered in Lafayette, Indiana this June

Katherine Burke of InterPlay emailed me today about a June 5, 2004 "Theatre for Dialogue" Workshop that will be offered in Lafayette, Indiana at the Tippecanoe Arts Federation. According to Katherine, this fun, engaging, and information-packed workshop will explore the many uses of interactive theatre in classrooms, conference rooms, therapy groups, and more. In this day-long intensive workshop, participants will learn to use theatre and improv games, dialogue-building exercises, and role-playing scenes to involve people in a fun, meaningful experience that encourages dialogue and positive change.

Theatre can be used to: create respect for diversity; stimulate and express creativity; strengthen teamwork; develop problem-solving skills; and encourage dialogue about bullying, body image, diversity, self-esteem, substance use, and other challenging issues. For registration information, visit www.interplaytheatre.com. You can also contact Katherine at or 765-414-2050 for more details.

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Democracy In America Convention to Take Place this August

I received an e-letter from David Wick a few days ago about the upcoming Democracy in America Convention. The Convention is happening in conjunction with Let's Talk America, the project NCDD is involved in with the Utne Institute, Conversation Cafes and the World Cafe.

The Convention will take place this August 19-22 in Springfield, Illinois, and it will bring together people from all 50 states to "ignite the unified voice of 'We the People'" through dialogue and deliberation. Click below to read the full message.

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Michigan Making Inroads in Interreligious Dialogue & Peacebuilding

I received an inspiring email from my friends Libby and Len Traubman today. The message talks about the media attention that some peace activists, artists and dialogue practitioners in Michigan have been getting for their phenomenal programs. ?“A handful of people in Michigan are causing Muslims, Jews, and Christians to open their hearts and minds,?” say Len and Libby. Read the full email by clicking below. To get on the Traubman's mailing list, email them at . The Traubmans are hubs in the Jewish/Palestinian dialogue community.

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?‘Family Circles' Build Vital Neighborhoods in Indianapolis

A great article by Gloria F. Mengual outlines how the Study Circles Resource Center and the Annie E. Casey Foundation have helped neighborhoods in Indianapolis, Indiana, solve their problems through dialogue and collaborative action. According to Mengual, ?“Since 2000, 780 residents have participated in the 92 Family Circles held in 30 neighborhoods. Participants identified many action ideas they wanted to pursue, including new playgrounds, mentoring programs, after school programs, safe houses for teens and more.?” Click below for the full article.

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Bauen Camp 2004 to Focus on Arts-Based Civic Dialogue

Located in the foothills of the Big Horn Mountains in Wyoming, the Bauen Camp teaches young people ages 13?–18 how arts can be used to build social creativity and responsibility. The camp will focus on arts-based civic dialogue during this summer's sessions, July 2?–August 9, 2004. The artist staff will include Animating Democracy staff member Andrea Assaf; scholar Ferdinand Lewis, who participated as a writer in Animating Democracy?’s Critical Perspectives project; and Community Art Network's co-director, artist Bob Leonard. Professionals are invited to select outstanding young people from their projects and communities to be a part of the 2004 program. Applications are due May 15, 2004. Scholarships and internships will be offered.

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