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Basic Reconciliation Leadership Certificate Programme

Click below to read more about Virginia Swain's quality certificate program called "The Basic Reconciliation Leadership?™ Certificate Programme for Professional, Community, Institutional, Religious and International Change in a Time of Great Challenge." Or just go to www.global-leader.org and click on upcoming.

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PeaceWeb to Hold Summer Workshop Series in Tucson

PeaceWeb's summer workshop series, "Building Peace From the Inside Out," will take place this July and August in Tucson, Arizona. The registration fee for each of the five workshops is $99. PeaceWeb has a 22-year history as The National Conference on Peacemaking and Conflict Resolution (NCPCR), which produced 11 international gatherings of adult and youth peacemakers.

PeaceWeb's southwest region is sponsoring this summer workshop series, which includes workshops with these compelling titles: Acting for a Change; Being Your Centerpiece: Creating Peace By Honoring Yourself First And Foremost; Visioning: Utilizing Tribal Practices For Dispute Resolution; Untangling The Knot: Overcoming Obstacles To Agreement; and Exploring the Enneagram: Seeing Into the Heart of Conflict. Click below for more details.

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August Conference on Best Practices for Improving Ethnic Relations

At the University of Denver on August 19-21, 2004, a conference will be held called "Building Constructive Frameworks for Improving Ethnic Relations: Best Practices Here and Abroad 50 Years After Brown". This small, intimate conference presents an opportunity to consider what has been achieved and where interventions have fallen short, to learn and dialogue across fields, and to consider charting a new course.

Encouraged to attend are practitioners in race and ethnic relations, administrators of educational, community, and organizational programs addressing race and ethnic relations, as well as social scientists and legal theorists interested in the practice of improving race and ethnic relations. Click below to read the full announcement.

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NIF Community Teams Workshop Offered in Davis, California in August

Learn advanced deliberative decision making theory and develop specialized National Issues Forums (NIF) roles at the Community Teams Workshop August 27-28 in Davis, California. Community Teams customize public deliberation to local hopes and dreams, needs and challenges. It has been discovered that the most effective Community Teams incorporate nine unique but inter-connected roles in their public deliberation research. When these roles are understood and applied, public deliberation can be customized for increased sensitivity to local needs, increased inclusion of diverse voices and increased focus on the decisions that resolve urgent and important issues.

Please note that you must attend a session of 'NIF Basics' (previously known as the Public Policy Institute) before you can attend this advanced session. Go to www.nifica.org for more details or to register. Registration fee is $220.

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"Peaceworker Bootcamp" to be Held this Summer in Canada

A bootcamp of sorts for peaceworkers and potential peaceworkers will be held this summer in an old mountain range two hours west of Ottawa, Canada. The camp will be offered four times: May 30 - June 4, June 24-29, July 18-23, and August 8-13. The Peaceworker Bootcamp is an intensive 6-day hands-on learning experience in the Canadian wilderness for people who are or wish to become peaceworkers. The Peaceworker Bootcamp will introduce participants to the knowledge and skills necessary in preparing for voluntary or paid work in the fields of humanitarian, peacebuilding, and development assistance. Read the full announcement below, or contact Evan Hoffman (613-754-5283; ) for more info.

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Online Summer School on Conflict Transformation

The Network University is offering an Online Summer School on Conflict Transformation. This summer three award-winning, interactive courses on conflict transformation will be run online as part of an unique web-based program. The courses cover Youth Transforming Conflict (July 5-30), Transforming Civil Conflicts (August 9 - Sept. 3), and Gender and Conflict Transformation (Sept. 20 ?– October 15). For further info, go to www.netuni.nl or contact Ditta Dolejsiova () - or click below to read more.

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Summer Schedule for Reconciliation Leadership Certificate Program

Virginia Swain sent me an announcement today about the Institute for Global Leadership's summer schedule for their UN-affiliated Basic Reconciliation Leadership?™ Certificate Program. Click below to read about the individual modules, which are held in June, July and August.

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Compassionate Listening Project to Hold First Annual Gathering

The Compassionate Listening Project, a non-profit organization dedicated to empowering individuals to heal polarization and build bridges between people, communities and nations in conflict, is organizing its first annual gathering of friends of the Project. The gathering will be held August 13-15, 2004 at Camp Brotherhood, a beautiful retreat center one hour north of Seattle, Washington. This will be a weekend of community, ritual and relaxation, and all are welcome - no prior experience with the Compassionate Listening Project is necessary. Click below for more details.

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Eight Jewish-Palestinian Peace Camps to be Held in North America this Summer

An email I received today from my friends Libby and Len Traubman outlined the growth of Jewish-Palestinian Peace Camps in the U.S. and Canada. As Len and Libby write, "Most Palestinians and Jews have never had an in-depth, sustained relationship, in the Middle East and worldwide. This "big disconnect" allows them to maintain stereotypes and dehumanize each other -- staying at a distance, doing what they're doing to one another at this moment. Thus the urgent need for a greatly enlarged public peace process to discover the "other" equally human, equally excellent persons -- expand our identification to include each other. Click below to learn about the 8 camps.

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Democracy In America Convention to Take Place this August

I received an e-letter from David Wick a few days ago about the upcoming Democracy in America Convention. The Convention is happening in conjunction with Let's Talk America, the project NCDD is involved in with the Utne Institute, Conversation Cafes and the World Cafe.

The Convention will take place this August 19-22 in Springfield, Illinois, and it will bring together people from all 50 states to "ignite the unified voice of 'We the People'" through dialogue and deliberation. Click below to read the full message.

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