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Compassionate Listening Training to be Held in U.K. for First Time

Just got word today from Leah Green at the Compassionate Listening Project that Compassionate Listening is making its way to the UK! In addition to a February training in East Sussex in the U.K., there are also workshops coming up in the U.S. in the following cities: Charlotte, North Carolina; Mt Vernon and Everett, Washington; Oakland, California, and Denver, Colorado. Go to the Compassionate Listening Project's website for more details or to register, or click below for info about the U.K. training.

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News from the Public Conversations Project...

The Public Conversations Project's December E-News focuses on "Talking About Politics across Divides." The e-newsletter announces some great resources designed to help those who with to engage in respectful, meaningful conversations with people who have vast political differences. PCP's Executive Director, Laura Chasin, recently wrote an article for the Christian Science Monitor's "Talking with the Enemy" series, and PCP has created some resources around that series. Click below to learn more about all of this, and to check the dates for PCP's highly acclaimed trainings this spring.

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2005 Trainings & Events of the Institute for Global Leadership

Virginia Swain (Director of The Institute for Global Leadership) emailed me on Tuesday with a list of upcoming courses and events that are part of the Institute's Reconciliation Leadership?™ Certificate Program. Click below for more details about these Cambridge, Massachusetts, Tiverton, Rhode Island and New York City events and trainings.

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Basic Reconciliation Leadership Certificate Programme

Click below to read more about Virginia Swain's quality certificate program called "The Basic Reconciliation Leadership?™ Certificate Programme for Professional, Community, Institutional, Religious and International Change in a Time of Great Challenge." Or just go to www.global-leader.org and click on upcoming.

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