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Nonviolent Communication Workshops Coming Up in Ottawa

Rachelle Lamb, president of Mindful Communication and author of Steps to Conscious Living and NVC Communications Basics, will be offering training sessions in Ottawa at the end of January. She has taught Nonviolent Communication (NVC) to thousands of couples, parents, educators, counselors, managers, employees, health professionals, and others seeking ways to communicate more effectively and improve their personal and professional lives. She has also co-trained with Dr. Marshall Rosenberg, the originator of the Nonviolent Communication process. Rachelle's Ottawa workshops include "Relationships: Up Close and Personal" on January 21 & 22, 2006; "Getting to the Core of Workplace Conflict" on January 23, 2006; and the Intermediate Workshop NVC Deepening: The Listening Heart on January 27 & 28, 2006. The price per Workshop is $200.00. $170.00 Early Bird Price if paid by January 10, 2006. There is a 15% discount for couples. Call 1-866-480-7122 to register, or visit www.rachellelamb.com/scheduled-events.htm for information on this and other events.

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Presidio Dialogues Event Coming Up January 24

The Presidio Dialogues (www.thepresidiodialogues.org), a group that organizes "conversations for conscious business" in California is sponsoring an event this January 24 at 7pm in San Francisco. The discussion will focus on the theme "The Feminine and Leadership: Not Just Reserved For Women." The discussion starts from the premise that leadership is sorely needed in the world today, but that there's already too much of the traditional masculine, intimidating and forceful variety. Whether instilled in men or women, what is needed now is the more systemic, enduring, longer-term, holistic variety -- what we normally think of as the feminine aspect of leadership. This dialogue will explore how men as well as women can feel comfortable embracing the feminine in leadership, not simply in style, but in context as well. The conversation starters include Paula Goldman, from the International Museum of Women; Rhoda Nussbaum, MD, Founder of Women Physicians in Leadership for the Permanente Medical Group; and Marilyn Steele, Ph.D., a Jungian psychologist. Registration for this event begins at 7pm and the conversation starts at 7:15 pm. The meeting takes place at Saybrook Graduate School and Research Center, 747 Front St. (@ Broadway) 3rd Floor, San Francisco. Admission is $20 in advance by registering online; $25 in advance (by email, phone or check); $30 at the door. To register online, visit www.thepresidiodialogues.org/register.html. For more information, email or call 415/249-1380.

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Heartful Communication Four Week Series Coming Up in California

Starting Monday January 23, Sharda Miller of The Listening Path (www.thelisteningpath.com) will be offering a four week course in Heartful Communication. The course treats a series of listening skills and processes with an emphasis on Marshall Rosenberg?’s Nonviolent Communication (NVC). The series offers specific skills that lead to heartful, honest and authentic communication without blame or judgment. The class will be small and intimate in order to allow plenty of time for sharing and practice. Course dates are on 1:30-4 pm Jan 23, 30, Feb 6 & 13, 2006 in the East Bay area of San Francisco. The series cost is $120. For more information or to register, call Sharda at 510-435-2327 or email .

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SFU Centre for Dialogue to Offer Workshop on Facilitating Emotionally Charged Groups

Simon Fraser University's Centre For Dialogue will offer the workshop "Giving the Steam a Tea Kettle: Facilitating emotionally charged group sessions" on Friday, January 27, 2006, from 8:30 am-4:30 pm. This innovative and dynamic workshop will focus on four central themes and practices for responding to emotionally charged group sessions. Through highly interactive discussions, experiential small group exercises and PACT's drama-based simulation training exercises, and Structured Improvisations, this workshop will introduce you to Understanding emotional dynamics and group process; Connecting emotional intelligence models to facilitate emotionally charged group sessions; Understanding defensiveness and resistance within groups and; Using PACT's SAFE model to manage emotionally charged group sessions. Cost for the training is $325, and refreshments will be provided. The training will take place at SFU's Morris J. Wosk Centre for Dialogue, Rm 320-580 W Hastings St, Vancouver, BC. For more information, visit www.sfu.ca/dialogue/teakettle_flyer.pdf

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Town Hall Forum on Divorce, Parental Rights, Shared Parenting, and Domestic Violence Coming Up in Chicago

Dialogue on Sustainable Community (www.sustainable-community.org), a nonpartisan public interest think-tank, in cooperation with DePaul University, will be hosting a Community Town Hall Forum on Saturday, January 14, 2006, from 1:00-5:00pm to discuss public policy issues related to divorce, parental rights, shared parenting, domestic violence, and the societal impact on communities. Topics of discussion include: divorce, child custody, domestic violence, the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA), the PBS series ?“Breaking the Silence,?” the ?“Best Interests of the Child?” standard and the impact on 14th amendment rights, and shared parental responsibility to help minimize conflict. Moderating the discussion will be Dr. Mark Rogers, a clinical psychotherapist and child custody expert. Dr. Rogers is an instructor at the Chicago School of Professional Psychology, and is known for his involvement in the Elian Gonzales case. To register, go to www.sustainable-community.org/event_RSVP.html

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PCRC Seeks Manager of Mediation Programs

The Peninsula Conflict Resolution Center (PCRC - www.pcrcweb.org), a non-profit organization that provides a wide range of conflict resolution, communication and community building services throughout San Mateo County, is seeking a full-time (40 hours per week) Manager of Mediation Programs. Working under the supervision of the Associate Director, the Manager of Mediation Programs is responsible for the overall quality of the mediation services provided by PCRC. This includes serving as team leader for the Mediation Team and, in that capacity, promoting consistent and high quality mediation services. This individual acts as lead volunteer manager, coordinating and supporting PCRC?’s volunteers in their mediation work and helping them to constantly improve their skills. In addition, the Manager of Mediation Programs is responsible for managing a portion of PCRC?’s community and complex mediation caseload according to PCRC's case management procedures. The focus of the position is equally on serving PCRC clients, volunteers and staff members. To apply send a resume and letter of interest to Jennifer Bullock, Associate Director, Peninsula Conflict Resolution Center, 1660 South Amphlett Boulevard, Suite 219, San Mateo CA 94402, FAX (650) 513-0335 or email . Resume and letter should be received by PCRC no later than January 15, 2006. To see a list of key job responsibilities, skills and experience required, and compensation details, click on the link below.

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OrangeBand Initiative to Launch Anti-Apathy Campaign

The OrangeBand Initiative (www.orangeband.org) is poised to launch The Anti Apathy Campaign on March 15. They are inviting anyone who is interested to help shape, share, and support it. An innovative planning workshop for the campaign will be held at James Madison University in Harrisonburg, VA on Saturday January 28th from 12-7pm. Anyone interested in being part of an effort to promote civic engagement is invited to attend ?– and asked to invite others who might want to attend. The time will be designed in such a manner that everyone in attendance will be able to share and focus specifically on their interests. The first 75 registrants get free lunch and dinner. The official invitation is available at www.OrangeBand.org/antiapathy/antiapathy_jan28_invite_v2.pdf - register at OrangeBand's website listed above. To develop the online infrastructure to manage this campaign, OrangeBand is offering student internships for the winter break. If you have technical resources at your disposal to help add functionality to website, please be in touch. Details are available at www.orangeband.org/orangeband_internships_winter2005.pdf

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Southern Growth Policies Board Seeks Help Exploring Issue of Innovation

Each year, Southern Growth Policies Board (www.southern.org) starts a conversation in the South on a particular issue related to economic development. They do this by holding community forums or moderated discussions, in communities large and small across the region. This year, Southern Growth is seeking public help in exploring the issue of innovation. All participating communities' input will be used in presentations at the Southern Innovation Summit on June 4-6, 2006 in New Orleans and in developing Southern Growth's 2006 Report on the Future of the South. These forums can also be used as a tool to galvanize action in your own community. Southern Growth provides all groups with all the materials for a two-hour discussion. Civic clubs, workforce boards, and leadership classes can provide the audience, or create your own. A typical forum audience is between 10 to 30 citizens. Once you have sent the invitations, just let Southern know the date and location and they will send you supplies and instructions ?– or you can simply download and copy the materials yourself at www.southern.org/forums.shtml. Materials include a Moderator's Guide and a Discussion Guide as well as Pre-Forum and Post-Forum Questionnaires. Forums must be held by March 2006 in order to include your community?’s perspective in the 2006 Report on the Future of the South. Forum hosts who complete and return the moderator?’s report and questionnaires by March 10, 2006 are eligible for a reduced conference registration rate to the Southern Innovation Summit. For more information on how to plan or moderate a community forum, contact Linda Hoke at (919) 941-5145 or . To view materials ?– and findings ?– from past forums and reports, visit Southern Growth?’s Web site above.

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Join Communication For Change Retreat in Nagpur, India

This January 5-12, 2006 in Nagpur, Maharashtra, India, thousands will gather together for the retreat Communication for Change - An Experiment in Social Change . Endorsed by the Buddhist Peace Fellowship and the Bay Area Center for Nonviolent Communication, the principal teachers on the retreat will be Marshall Rosenberg and Dhammachari Subhuti. All are welcome to participate, donate to enable others' participation, or spread the word about this event. For information, contact John Abbe at , or 510-323-2646 or visit ourpla.net/cgi/pikie?CommunicationForChange.

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