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Global Dialogue Center to Host Online Leadership Training

Debbie Kennedy at the Global Dialogue Center (www.globaldialogue.com) will be hosting an online virtual meeting on Thursday February 23 called "Working Together, Winning Together" that investigates how men and women are putting their differences to work. The workshop is sponsored by Microsoft Office Live Meeting Leadership Forums. The workshop takes place from 9:00 a.m. - 10:00 a.m. Pacific Time (US and Canada); 12:00 Noon p.m. - 1:00 p.m. Eastern Time Global Time, and there is no charge. The workshop will be a candid conversation, exploring the realities of building collaborations that put differences to work to innovate, influence and win. We will be focusing in on four critical skills that will give you the ability to be ready, willing and valuable when opportunity comes your way. For more information or to register, visit placeware.viewcentral.com/events/cust/single_event.aspx?cid=placeware&pid=2&cbClass=7848&signupkey=2659

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Web and Non Web Community Builders To Meet In Portland

RecentChangesCamp, an Open Space event on wikis and community, is coming up the first weekend in February in Portland, Oregon. It will bring together programmers and other geeks with non-technical folks into community to make connections, write code, have fun, and do as much good work as they can. RecentChangesCamp is hosted by the Wiki community. Wiki is software that allows nontechnical users to freely create and edit Web content using their browser. The most exciting aspect of Wiki is that it truly encourages democratic use of the Web. As caretakers of primarily online communities, the Wiki community are especially looking forward to cross-pollination with folks who nurture offline communities. For more information on this event, visit http://recentchangescamp.org/

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IAP2 Wild Rose Chapter Event and Training Coming Up

The IAP2 Wild Rose (Alberta) Chapter will be holding a signature event this Feb, 2-3, 2006 in Calgary, Alberta. The event's theme is "Keeping Ahead of the Curve: Innovation and Diversity in Public Participation" It will be a day and a half of engaging and thought provoking participatory presentations and sessions, and a World Café on the topic of the Wild Rose Centennial Project. In addition, Wild Rose will be offering two of the IAP2 training modules, Planning for Public Participation and Communication for Effective Public Participation, January 30 - February 1, 2006. For information on the upcoming event or trainings, or to register, download the registration form: www.iap2.org/associations/4748/files/WildRoseEventReg_02.05.pdf

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Peacebuilding and Mediation Training Coming Up in Ottawa

The Canadian International Institute of Applied Negotiation (CIIAN) in Ottawa will be offering several courses on Peacebuilding and Mediation this spring. Courses include "The Power Clinic for Mediators," "Negotiating Agreements In Conflict Settings" and "Violence Prevention: Theory-Informed Practice." Dr. Ben Hoffman, President of CIIAN, will lead all three courses. For more info or to register please visit the ?“Special Programs?” page on the CIIAN website at www.ciian.org/special1.shtml

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Foundations of Appreciative Inquiry Workshop Coming Up in Boulder, CO

Join Amanda Trosten-Bloom and Jim Ludema, leading authors and consultants, for their Foundations in Appreciative Inquiry Workshop, February 6-9 in Boulder, Colorado. Recognized as one of the strongest foundations-level trainings available, this workshop attracts an international contingent of positive change consultants and leaders. Learn how businesses and communities around the globe have transformed their organizations in partnership with CPC's premier consultants. Develop your skills to lead key steps in the Appreciative Inquiry process: select affirmative topics, craft and conduct appreciative interviews, envision positive futures, design provocative propositions and create sustainable appreciative organization cultures. Begin designing Appreciative Inquiry initiatives in your own and others' organizations. This 4-day workshop is the first and foundational workshop in the Corporation for Positive Change's Certificate Program in Appreciative Inquiry and the Practice of Positive Change. For more information or to register, visit the Corporation for Positive Change (CPC) website (www.positivechange.org) or e-mail or phone 505.751.1232 (x2).

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IAP2 Spring Training Schedule Released

IAP2 has realeased its Spring Training calendar with plenty of opportunities to learn public participation skills in trainings across North America and Australia. Courses include "Communications for Effective Public Participation," "Techniques for Effective Public Participation," and "Planning for Effective Public Participation. To see a full list of courses, dates and locations, click on the link below. Or visit IAP2's website: www. iap2.org.

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Heartful Communication Four Week Series Coming Up in California

Starting Monday January 23, Sharda Miller of The Listening Path (www.thelisteningpath.com) will be offering a four week course in Heartful Communication. The course treats a series of listening skills and processes with an emphasis on Marshall Rosenberg?’s Nonviolent Communication (NVC). The series offers specific skills that lead to heartful, honest and authentic communication without blame or judgment. The class will be small and intimate in order to allow plenty of time for sharing and practice. Course dates are on 1:30-4 pm Jan 23, 30, Feb 6 & 13, 2006 in the East Bay area of San Francisco. The series cost is $120. For more information or to register, call Sharda at 510-435-2327 or email .

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Dialogue Between Spiritual Practitioners and Dialogue Practitioners Coming Up in Vancouver

The Organizers of the Dialogue Maker's Series at Simon Fraser Univeristy are inviting spiritual practitioners (both members of groups and those who explore the spiritual on their own) and dialogue practitioners with an interest in the deep interpersonal experiences that dialogue can bring about, to gather and examine what it means and what it takes to create shared sacred space. This gathering will explore the meaning of 'sacred space' from the viewpoints of diverse spiritual traditions and rituals. Further, they will examine the notion of 'shared' and how sharing what we hold as sacred across traditions and experiences enables us to appreciate what is both unique and common about this understanding. Shared Sacred Space: A dialogue will take place on Thursday, February 9, 2006, from 6:30-9:30pm at SFU's Morris J Wosk Centre for Dialogue, Asia Pacific Hall, 580 West Hastings St, Vancouver, BC. Cost is $55, and refreshments will be provided. For more information, see www.sfu.ca/dialogue/sacredspace_flyer.pdf. This event is sponsored by The InterSpiritual Centre of Vancouver, Simon Fraser University's Institute for the Humanities, and the J.S. Woodsworth Endowment.

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Perspectives Group Announces 2006 IAP2 Certificate Training Schedule

The Perspectives Group has just announced its International Association for Public Participation Certificate training in 2006. This course provides beginner through advanced practitioners with a broad-based learning experience covering all of the foundations of public participation. The Perspectives Group is one of the nation?’s foremost experts in public participation and works throughout the world to establish and run advisory boards, communicate risk and technical information, develop cooperative decision-making programs, and enhance organizational effectiveness through team-building, visioning, and effective communications. Douglas Sarno, an IAP2 Master Trainer, was part of the team of developers that designed the IAP2 Certificate Training Program. He has over 20 years of experience in planning and implementing public participation programs and has written and spoken widely on public participation issues. Doug has delivered the IAP2 training dozens of times, to over 1,000 students worldwide. The courses will be held on the following dates: Alexandria, Virginia - Douglas J. Sarno, trainer: January 30 - February 3; April 3 - 7; July 10 - 14; September 18 - 22; December 4 - 8. In East Lansing, Michigan - David Bidwell, trainer: February 23 ?– 24 (Planning) & March 20-22 (Communications & Techniques). For additional information, or to register for the training, please visit www.theperspectivesgroup.com/resource/trainingpro.html

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Corporation for Positive Change Announces 2006 Training Schedule

The Corporation for Positive Change (www.positivechange.org) is a premier consulting firm using Appreciative Inquiry for transformation and innovation in business, government, and nonprofit organizations around the world, with proven results in change management, leadership development, team building and culture transformation For detailed brochures on each workshop, please e-mail , or phone 505.751.1232 (x2). To see a list of the upcoming workshop dates and locations, click on the link below.

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Southern Growth Policies Board Seeks Help Exploring Issue of Innovation

Each year, Southern Growth Policies Board (www.southern.org) starts a conversation in the South on a particular issue related to economic development. They do this by holding community forums or moderated discussions, in communities large and small across the region. This year, Southern Growth is seeking public help in exploring the issue of innovation. All participating communities' input will be used in presentations at the Southern Innovation Summit on June 4-6, 2006 in New Orleans and in developing Southern Growth's 2006 Report on the Future of the South. These forums can also be used as a tool to galvanize action in your own community. Southern Growth provides all groups with all the materials for a two-hour discussion. Civic clubs, workforce boards, and leadership classes can provide the audience, or create your own. A typical forum audience is between 10 to 30 citizens. Once you have sent the invitations, just let Southern know the date and location and they will send you supplies and instructions ?– or you can simply download and copy the materials yourself at www.southern.org/forums.shtml. Materials include a Moderator's Guide and a Discussion Guide as well as Pre-Forum and Post-Forum Questionnaires. Forums must be held by March 2006 in order to include your community?’s perspective in the 2006 Report on the Future of the South. Forum hosts who complete and return the moderator?’s report and questionnaires by March 10, 2006 are eligible for a reduced conference registration rate to the Southern Innovation Summit. For more information on how to plan or moderate a community forum, contact Linda Hoke at (919) 941-5145 or . To view materials ?– and findings ?– from past forums and reports, visit Southern Growth?’s Web site above.

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Conducting Complex Meetings Course Offered by Common Ground

As part of University of California, Davis Extension, Common Ground helps government entities, agencies and private- and public-sector organizations come together to find unique solutions to challenging and complex issues. This winter Common Ground will be offering two, one-day courses in Managing Complex Meetings for public- and private-sector professionals who wish to build their capacity for collaboration and conflict resolution. Controversial issues, public settings and large groups of people can quickly turn a simple meeting into a complex and challenging situation. These courses will provide a broad repertoire of tools for organizing and running potentially-troublesome meetings. In the first session, participants will gain the skills to engage stakeholders in the design of meeting agendas and to match the format of meetings to its goals. The second session will look at productive intervention and how to productively engage diverse and sometimes difficult stakeholders. Mediator Susan Carpenter will be conducting both sessions. Carpenter has spent the past 25 years developing and managing programs to reach consensus on public issues, resolve public controversies and develop common goals and visions. For the convenience of program participants, these courses are offered at the Sutter Square Galleria, 2901 K St., midtown Sacramento. Managing Complex Meetings: The Fundamentals, will be offered on Tuesday, Feb. 28, 9 am - 4pm. Managing Complex Meetings: Taking on the Challenges, will be offered on Wednesday, March 1, 9 am - 4 pm. To enroll or to request more information, please call (800) 752-0881 or visit UC Davis Extension's Web site at extension.ucdavis.edu/commonground/.

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