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Nonviolent Communication Workshop Coming Up in New York

Roberta Wall will present Nonviolent Communication 101, a free workshop on Nonviolent Communication (NVC) for women this Wednesday, May 17th, 7-9:30 pm at the Red Tent Women?’s Project. NVC skills, as formulated by Marshall Rosenberg, help us express feelings and needs without attacking, to make requests without demanding, to receive seemingly critical or negative messages without taking them personally, giving up or giving in. The Red Tent Women?’s Project is the only women?’s community center in New York City. They welcome all who identify as women to the Red Tent Women?’s Project, whatever your walk of life, race, ethnicity, age, spiritual path, sexual orientation, country of origin, citizenship status, size, or socioeconomic level. It is located in Park Slope, Brooklyn at 338 4th Street between 5th & 6th Avenues in the ground floor apartment. For more information, call 718-866-5859 or check www.redtentwomensproject.org.

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Art of Convening Workshop Coming Up in San Francisco

The Presidio Dialogues (www.thepresidiodialogues.org) will be hosting a dialogue about "The Art of Light-Handed Convening" on May 23, 2006 at 7PM. Some of the questions they'll consider are: What habits do we need to let go of in order to have true dialogue? When does facilitation draw attention to the process or the moderator rather than furthering the inquiry? How does dialogue emerge from among a group of strangers, and what conditions are the most evocative for true inquiry? What role does individual ego play? Registration is at 7:00 PM and the meeting begins at 7:15 pm. The location is the Saybrook Graduate School and Research Center, 747 Front St. (@ Broadway) 3rd Floor, San Francisco. Cost is $20 in advance by registering online; $25 in advance (by email, phone or check); $30 at the door. To register online, go to the website listed above. Or email .

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National Charrette Institute Public Certification Trainings Coming Up in Alexandria, VA

Both the National Charrette Institute (NCI) Charrette Planner?™ and Public Meeting Facilitator?™ Certification trainings will be offered in Alexandria, VA in conjunction with Virginia Tech's Academy for the New Urbanism, this May 8-12 in Alexandria, VA. For more information about these certification trainings, visit NCI's programs page: www.charretteinstitute.org/programs.html. To register for the Alexandria trainings, please visit: www.conted.vt.edu/newurbanism/charrette. Got questions? E-mail:

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Fielding Institute Invites Particpation in Organizational Change Workshop

Fielding University (www.fielding.edu) will be sponsoring a four day workshop on "Organization Dynamics Amid Frequent Change" with the United Nations World Food Program (UN WFP) from May 9 - 12, 2006 at Parco de Medici in Rome, Italy. They are inviting participants for the final two days (Thursday and Friday, May 11 and 12, 2006) of the workshop. If interested, please contact Dottie Agger-Gupta, Associate Dean for the Doctoral Program, at for more information or to register for this exciting learning opportunity. To see a detailed description of the workshop, click on the link below.

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Applications Due April 15 for CONTACT Graduate Training Program in Conflict Transformation

Eline Potoski of the School for International Training in Brattleboro, Vermont wanted us to share an announcement with you about the acclaimed CONTACT Summer Institute. CONTACT (Conflict Transformation Across Cultures) is a three-week 3-credit graduate training program in conflict transformation that provides skills and practical tools for reconciling intercommunal and intergroup conflict. The program?’s mix of participants includes diverse individuals from a broad range of countries and regions around the world (six continents in 2004) and often includes individuals from opposing sides of a particular conflict. Applications this summer's program, which will take place May 29th, 2006 to June 16th, 2006, are due by April 15. Click below for the full announcement.

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Strategic Conversation "Reimagining New Orleans" Coming Up in May

"Re-imagining New Orleans" after Hurricane Katrina is a four-day "council of elders" from May 25-28 at the Wildacres Retreat Center in western North Carolina that uses Appreciative Inquiry as an experiment in citizen democracy. Check out their news release
www.secondjourney.org/katrina/katrina_release.htm and the series of webpages, including a registration form at www.secondjourney.org/NewOrleans.htm.

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Register Now for International Association of Facilitators Conference

The International Association of Facilitators is a unique gathering of more than 700 managers, independent consultants, human service administrators, project managers and other dynamic professionals from over 30 countries. There is still time to register for International Association of Facilitators?’ (IAF) Conference 2006 which is being held in Baltimore, Maryland, from June 15th through 18th (Pre-Conference Workshops on June 14th and 15th). This year, NCDD's own Sandy Heierbacher will be presenting a workshop on NCDD's new framework for when to use what dialogue and deliberation method. IAF Members can register for only $575 until April 15. After that the price will increase by only $75. Pre-Conference Workshops are also a bargain at $350 (for IAF members) until April 15. Another bargain is the hotel! Marriott Waterfront is charging only $159 per room so bring a friend and make it really inexpensive to be on hand for all the festivities. Register on-line today by visiting www.iaf-world.org and clicking on "Register Here!" under the conference logo.

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"Listening into the Future" Strategic Conversation Coming Up May 20-24

"Evolutionary Salons" are gatherings in which people share and explore how individuals, groups and societies can evolve more consciously and wisely. A third evolutionary salon is being organized for May 20-24, 2006, at the Chinook Center, a retreat setting located on Whidbey Island, an hour north of Seattle, Washington. For any questions contact . You can check out the stories of the first two salons (May 05 and Jan 06) at www.thegreatstory.org/ev-salon.html. The cost of the Salon is $280, and includes food costs. To register, please visit www.surveymonkey.com/s.asp?u=234701845896. To read more about the retreat, click on the link below.

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MultiCultural Institute Conference Coming Up in MD

The National MultiCultural Institute is holding its annual conference, The Illusion of Inclusion: Beyond Rhetoric to a Sustainable Future, May 18-21, 2006 at the Hyatt Regency in Bethesda, MD. The conference website is: www.nmci.org/conferences/current/spring2006/keynote.htm. The keynote speaker for the conference will be Lani Guinier, JD, the first black woman to be a tenured professor at Harvard Law School. Her most recent book, The Miner?’s Canary, is about the experience of people of color as a warning or ?“canary?” signaling larger institutional inequities. The conference will be followed by several two- and four-day workshops from May 18-21. For a full list of workshops, visit www.nmci.org/conferences/current/spring2006/topic.htm. For more information and to register, visit the conference website. Special Group Discount of 20% for groups of 3 or more.

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Scholarships Available for TechSoup NetSquared Conference

echSoup (www.techsoup.org), the nonprofit technology Web site, has announced that the Philanthropy and Volunteerism Program of the W.K. Kellogg Foundation (www.wkkf.org) will provide a limited number of scholarships to attendees of the TechSoup NetSquared Conference (www.netsquared.org), May 30-31, 2006, in San Jose, California. The two-day TechSoup NetSquared conference builds upon six months of intense online discussion on the NetSquared Web site about how nonprofits and non-governmental agencies can best use new-generation Internet tools such as blogging, podcasting, and tagging to better reach and mobilize their constituencies. The conference provides opportunities for the NetSquared community to meet face-to-face, share knowledge, and learn about new tools and their use in a nonprofit setting. In addition, participants will chart the future direction of the NetSquared community and its effort to help nonprofits around the globe adopt these tools. Scholarships will be provided to people at NGOs and nonprofit organizations who are already using blogs, podcasts, or other new-generation Internet technologies, and to nonprofit staffers who would like to learn how using these tools can help extend their organization's reach and impact. Scholarships will cover travel, lodging, and conference registration for individuals representing a nonprofit organization. For detailed information on the scholarships and/or to access the online application form, visit the TechSoup NetSquared Conference Web site. The deadline for scholarship applications is April 12, 2006.

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AmericaSpeaks Hosts Health Care Meetings in Los Angeles and Albuquerque

AmericaSpeaks convened two meetings on national health care policy in March on behalf of the Citizens?’ Health Care Working Group. On Saturday, March 4, we brought together more than 500 participants in Los Angeles for the day-long meeting. Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa welcomed participants and shared his perspective on health care in America. Throughout the day participants identified the values they associate with health care and weighed in on suggested improvements to our health care system. Topics included preferred models of health care coverage and components of a benefits plan, difficulties in accessing care, methods of financing coverage, and the tradeoffs participants are willing to make. USA Today covered and wrote about the LA meeting. For a limited time you can view the article at www.usatoday.com/money/industries/health/2006-03-14-health-debate-usat_x.htm. On Monday, March 20, more than 150 residents of Albuquerque, New Mexico met for a very successful three hour meeting on the same topic. The diverse participants included several local decision makers, including State Senator Dede Feldman, four New Mexico State Cabinet Secretaries, representatives from the Governor and Lieutenant Governor?’s offices as well as staff from the offices of Senator Dominici, Senator Bingaman, and Congresswoman Wilson. Once again participants identified shared values and participated in small group discussions on benefits, access, financing, and tradeoffs in health care. The suggestions gathered during these meetings will be used to create recommendations to improve our health care system that will be sent to Congress and President Bush.

AmericaSpeaks is still seeking facilitators for all of the health care meetings (Hartford, CT on April 6; Las Vegas, NV on April 11; San Antonio, TX on April 19; Fargo, ND on April 22; Lexington, KY on April 25; Cincinnati, OH on April 29; Little Rock, AR on April 29; Sioux Falls, SD on May 6). If you?’re interested in serving as a volunteer table facilitator for the Cincinnati meeting on April 29, please sign up online by selecting the Cincinnati registration link at the Working Group?’s community meeting site www.citizenshealthcare.gov/register. Any questions should be directed to Diane Altman Dautoff at or by phone at (206) 320-1169. If you are interested in serving as a facilitator for any of AmericaSpeaks?’ other health care meetings, please contact Mike Ravvin at , or (202) 775-3939 x1007.

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SFU Centre for Dialogue Offering Dialogue Education Training

If you teach or train adult learners, then SFU's upcoming workshop LEARNING TO LISTEN, LEARNING TO TEACH: An introduction to Dialogue Education may be of interest. This intensive, interactive four-day workshop that will transform your approach to teaching. Over 3,500 graduates in 60 countries, in the academic, non-profit, government and corporate sectors, have applied dialogue education extensively to their work. Participants will learn a structured and accountable method of organizing, designing and facilitating and discover how to make educational events effective, engaging and successful. Opportunities to design and teach short lessons and receive feedback and coaching will unlock the power of dialogue in educating adult learners. The workshop will be held from Monday, May 1 - Thursday, May 4, 2006, 9-5 pm. The course fee: $1400, four-day program (text, course materials and refreshments provided). The workshop will be held at SFU's Morris J. Wosk Centre for Dialogue, 580 W Hastings St, Vancouver, BC (entrance on Seymour St). For more information or to register, email or call 604.268.7925.

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May 12 is National Action for a US Department of Peace

The Peace Alliance is organizing a National Action on May 12th (the Friday before Mother's Day). The Action will gather citizens across the US to take pies to your their Congressional offices with a banner: "On behalf of Mothers Everywhere, Peace Wants a Piece of the Pie!" The action promotes a Department of Peace and Nonviolence Legislation. The action requests a small percent of the federal budget allocated directly toward funding projects that foster a culture of peace in our nation and around the world. To participate in this action, call your local newspapers and television stations and send them a press release. Ask them to come and take pictures of local teams delivering the pies with Department of Peace banners. Bring your children, along with pictures they've made that convey their message of peace, and make it a fun and festive event! This is a great way to get attention for a very important endeavor. Or host a Peace of the Pie House Party (and optional fundraiser) to spread the word. To learn more about this action visit www.thepeacealliance.org/action/mothers/pie.htm

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Taos Institute Announces Workshop Line Up

This Spring the Taos Institute is offering a full array of Appreciative Inquiry workshops. The workshop offerings are sponsored by our board members, the advisory board members and our associates and reflect their interests, practices and gifts. All workshop content is in alignment with social construction ideas and is grounded in its theory and practices. Register through the workshop presenters. To see a full listing, descriptions and registration information visit: www.taosinstitute.net. To see a list of the workshops, click on the link below.

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Three Dialogue Mapping Workshops Coming Up

Three Dialogue Mapping Workshops, lead by Dr. Jeff Conklin, will be held this April 18-19 in Redwood City, California (SF Bay Area); May 23-24 in Birmingham, England; and July 18-19 in Washington, DC. This 2-day workshop is highly engaging and interactive and teaches the core skills of a new facilitation technique. As with any art form, dialogue mapping is challenging to describe but easy to comprehend experientially. This technique gets away from herding the group through a series of steps, focusing the participants instead on listening carefully, speaking clearly, and learning together about the issues and concerns they bring to the table. The facilitator/dialogue mapper engages the group with a map of their comments that he or she builds on the fly. The map is a shared display ... paper taped to the wall or software projected on a screen. The "secret sauce" of dialogue mapping is the use of the Issue Based Information System (IBIS) notation: Questions, Ideas, and Pros/Cons. The IBIS framework frees the group from tyranny of agreement. Conflicting information and points of view reside next to each other in the map, reflecting the diversity of the stakeholders and the complexity of a wicked problem. Although this is not a software workshop, reference will be made to Compendium, graphical hypertext software available free at http://www.compendiuminstitute.org . Dialogue Mapping is a powerful new tool for collaboration and sense making, and this workshop is fun, stimulating, and rewarding. For more information on the workshops, or to register, visit http://cognexus.org/id18.htm.

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Pioneers of Change Organizing Upcoming Conferences in South Africa and Canada

Pioneers of Change, a global learning network of young people in their 20's and 30's, will be organizing several events and trainings this spring and summer. These include:

- A three-day course on leadership "Presencing Collective Leadership for Profound Innovation and Change" in Johannesburg, South Africa from March 30-April 1, 2006;

- A training in "The Art of Hosting and Convening Conversations" in Johannesburg South Africa from May 15-17, 2006 and a special youth version of the training in Castle Borl, Slovenia from 6 - 9 July 2006.

- The Pioneers of Change Summer School in The Shire - Nova Scotia, Canada from August 19- 25, 2006.

To find out more about each event, including contact information, click on the link below, or visit the Pioneers of Change website: http://pioneersofchange.net/

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"We Media" Conference Discusses Journalism as Dialogue

[From mediacenter.org via Deliberative-Democracy.net] Increasingly, media is coming to be understood as engaged in a dialogue with its consumers, who are beginning to contribute as much as they consume. The days of a passive audience are receding as new social technologies create opportunities for citizens to report about the stories they experience. The We Media Global Forum brings together innovators who are wiring the connected society - the thinkers, innovators, investors, executives and activists who seek to tap the growing connections among people everywhere. This year's We Media Forum will be conducted at and hosted by The BBC and Reuters in London. from May 3-4. It will include a series of keynote, general and small group conversations and workgroups, as well as networking receptions and a World Caf - a global "town hall" meeting with Web, satellite, television and other avenues of participation from around the world. Inaugurated in New York in 2005, We Media gathers about 300 international participants: senior executives, decision makers, storytellers, artists, investors and innovators from media, advertising, public relations, marketing, news, entertainment, finance, telecommunications, technology, philanthropy, government, NGOs, social activism and academia. They come together to learn from each other and to think about, explore, be inspired by and build upon the shared knowledge and the collective intelligence of the connected society. Their collective efforts spawn new ideas, information, services and businesses. This will be an exciting gathering and there will be much for deliberative democrats to learn and to share. For more information, please visit the We Media website: www.mediacenter.org/pages/mcevents/06/london/home/

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Bohmian Dialogue Training Coming up In MT

Lee Nichol, editor of David Bohm's books On Dialogue and On Creativity will be hosting an intensive workshop of inquiry and focused intention from May 18th - 21st in Helena, MT. Bohmian dialogue is an arena in which collective learning takes place and out of which a sense of increased harmony, fellowship and creativity can arise. Participants will gain a greater understanding of inner mental, emotional and spiritual proccesses and experience the deeper meaning of collective communication. The cost of the workshop is $150 and limited spaces are available. Pre-registration is necessary. Participants will have advanced reading and ?‘homework?’ to ensure a basic understanding of Bohmian dialogue. This advance preparation is a must for participation in the process. For more information or to register, contact: Patrick Marsolek at (406) 443-3439, or PO Box 1264 Helena, MT 59624. Credit cards accepted by phone or online at:

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Quest for Global Healing II Conference in Bali this May

This May, you can join Nobel Prize Laureate Desmond Tutu, Fatima Gailani, Walter Cronkite, and other world-renowned speakers at an extraordinary gathering of concerned global citizens, business leaders and other innovative thinkers in a quest towards a more collaborative, peaceful and sustainable future for humankind and the planet. This unique gathering is designed for those concerned about where the world is heading and who want to play a role in the world?’s renewal. The conference is inspired by a recognition by individuals that the wounds of the planet can be healed by individuals of vision and commitment. The civil society movement is the fastest growing development in human history, with over 250,000 organizations being created over the past few years by individuals wanting to play a role in the world's renewal. The conference will feature multigenerational, multicultural conversations, workshops and other activities that offer new insights, growth and clarity in moving ahead with personal initiatives that matter. Registration starts at $3190 (including air and hotel). For more information, visit www.questforglobalhealing.org/index.htm.

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Update on SFU's Dialogue Activities

Simon Fraser University's Centre for Dialogue has announced a new training session and a video. First, the workshop Learning to Listen, Learning to Teach is an intensive, interactive four-day workshop that will transform your approach to teaching. The goal of the workshop is to learn a structured and accountable method of organizing, designing and facilitating and to create engaging and participatory learning events. Opportunities to design and teach short lessons and receive feedback and coaching will unlock the power of dialogue in educating adult learners. The workshop takes place from Monday, May 1 - Thursday, May 4, 2006, 9-5 pm. The fee is $1400 for the four-day program (text, course materials and refreshments provided), and the workshop will be held at SFU's Morris J. Wosk Centre for Dialogue, 580 W Hastings St, Vancouver, BC (entrance on Seymour St). For more information or to register, email , see www.sfu.ca/dialogue/Learning_to_Listen_flyer.pdf or call 604.268.7925

Second, SFU has also put together a video of their Dialogue Maker's Network activities. SFU's Dialogue Maker's Network began in 2003 as a space for those interested in the creative potential of dialogue to learn about shared values and pre-conceived understandings in a spirit of non-judgmental curiosity. Monthly gatherings give participants the opportunity to cultivate the core capacities of dialogue: listening to understand, suspending judgment, surfacing assumptions, and demonstrating empathy and respect. Watch the Quicktime video as some of the participants comment on the Dialogue Maker's Network here: www.sfu.ca/dialogue/previous.htm#network

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Intercultural Communication Courses Offered in Davis, California

As part of the University of California, Davis Extension, Common Ground: Center for Cooperative Solutions helps government entities, agencies and private- and public-sector organizations come together to find unique solutions to challenging and complex issues. This spring, Common Ground will be offering 2 two-day courses on Intercultural Relations, designed for those who want to better understand the dynamics of intercultural communication and conflict. Intercultural relations specialist Linda Ziegahn, Ph.D., will be conducting both courses. For more information, call 800-752-0881 x4414 go to www.extension.ucdavis.edu/commonground/.

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Vicki Robin to Host Workshop on Freedom in America

Vicki Robin, inventor of the Conversation Cafe and co-author of Your Money or Your Life, will be hosting a weekend retreat titled "If This is a Free Country, Why Don?’t I Feel Free?" The workshop will draw on all of Vicki?’s core teachings to address questions like, What is freedom for? What are limits for? When I?’m tied up in knots, how do I cut through? When I lose my sense of freedom, how do I get it back? Can I feel free sexually and still be legal, moral, and married? When I?’m swamped by possibilities, how do I direct my life? Why do so many Americans not feel free? For the first time publicly, Vicki will present the ideas in her new book on freedom, which is being published in 2007. The weekend will be held from May 12-14 at the Rowe Camp and Conference Center in Rowe, MA (www.rowecenter.org). Registration fees and accomodations are on a sliding scale. For information on the workshop, contact the Rowe Center at or call (413) 339-4954 from 9 to 6 Monday through Friday. And check out Vicki's blog at victoriaroserobin.blogspot.com

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Initiatives of Change Announces 60th Annual Summer Conferences Line Up

This summer, delegates from around the world will meet for the 60th annual summer conferences at the Initiatives of Change center in Caux, Switzerland. The conferences, under the theme of Globalizing Integrity, Personalizing Integrity, will run July 6 ?– August 17, 2006. For more information or to register for the conferences, please visit www.caux.ch/en/program.php. Feel free to contact Initiatives of Change (www.us.iofc.org) if you have any questions at 1156 Fifteenth St., NW, Suite 910; Washington, DC 20005-1704; p (202) 872-9077; f (202) 872-9137. For information on idividual conferences, click on the link below.

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Peacebuilding and Mediation Training Coming Up in Ottawa

The Canadian International Institute of Applied Negotiation (CIIAN) in Ottawa will be offering several courses on Peacebuilding and Mediation this spring. Courses include "The Power Clinic for Mediators," "Negotiating Agreements In Conflict Settings" and "Violence Prevention: Theory-Informed Practice." Dr. Ben Hoffman, President of CIIAN, will lead all three courses. For more info or to register please visit the ?“Special Programs?” page on the CIIAN website at www.ciian.org/special1.shtml

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Harwood Public Innovators Labs Announced for May and September

The Harwood Public Innovators Lab is designed for people who do public work and are interested in deepening their understanding of how to make an impact in that work. This is not a "skills-building" program but rather a chance to reflect on and assess your work through a unique set of frameworks. The Harwood Institute will be offering two Labs this year: a Spring Lab from May 21 - 25, 2006 and a Fall Lab from September 11 - September 15, 2006. Both will be held in Baltimore, Maryland, USA. IAP2 members will receive a 10% discount on their registration. For more information please visit the Harwood Institute site at www.theharwoodinstitute.org/join/events/publiclab.html.

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School For International Training Announces 2006 Conflict Transformation Training Programs

The School for International Training (www.sit.edu) in Vermont has just announced its 2006 lineup of professional development programs in Conflict Transformation Across Cultures (CONTACT). Started in 1997, CONTACT offers professional development, skills and practical training to professionals working around the world in diverse fields such as education, human services, humanitarian aid, psychology and social work, human rights, and sustainable development. Some skills addressed are: Conflict analysis and intervention; Non-violent action; Intercommunal dialogue; Peace and development; Reconciliation and forgiveness; Training design; Intercultural negotiation and mediation; and Grant writing and fundraising. Programs include their Summer Institute (May 29-June 16, 2006), a three-week, three-credit professional development and graduate training program in conflict transformation; their Graduate Certificate Program, a one-year part-time 14-credit graduate and professional development program. It is designed with two short phases of face-to-face instruction coupled with distance learning in order to accommodate the schedule of full-time working professionals (SIT also offers MA programs in conflict transformation); and site-, organization-, and region-specific programs tailored to meet the needs of a particular organization or community in a conflict or post-conflict situation. Applications are available now and are due by April 15 (or as soon as possible if you are applying for financial aid or need a visa). The School offers a 25% discount on tuition for non-profits. For more infomration about fees, funding, scholarships, and applying to CONTACT, please visit the program website www.sit.edu/contact or contact them at

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National Teach-In Mini-Grants Available for Peer Teaching About American Issues

Youth for Justice (www.youthforjustice.org), a national law-related education consortium funded by the Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention of the United States Department of Justice (ojjdp.ncjrs.org), is inviting one hundred middle and high school classes across the United States to teach others about the fundamental ideas of American democracy through the Third Annual National Teach-In celebration of National & Global Youth Service Day (www.ysa.org/nysd) and National Law Day. The first one hundred classes to register will receive a mini-grant of $200, which may be used to buy materials to conduct their teach-in, provide law-related education resources for their class or school library, host a teach-in conference with another school, or donate to a school club or charity. Participating classes must agree to select a lesson from the National Teach-In Web site they want to conduct for a teach-in between April 17 and May 7, 2006; report their activity to Youth for Justice; and write to their representative in Congress about their work. For complete program information, visit the National Teach-In Web site at www.crfc.org/ti_faq06.html. Applications for mini-grants are due by January 31, 2006.

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Intro to Dialogue Education Training Coming Up in Vancouver, BC

Simon Fraser University's Centre for Dialogue will be offering the training workshop Learning to Listen, Learning to Teach: An introduction to dialogue education from Monday, May 1-Thursday, May 4, 2006, 9-5pm. Based upon the field research and teaching of Dr. Jane Vella, this four-day workshop provides the building blocks of the dialogue education approach to curriculum design and facilitation skills. By switching the focus from 'what the instructor says about a topic' to 'what the participants will do with the content to demonstrate their learning,' adult learners are invited to take new ideas, apply them and reflect on their significance for their own lives and context. After engaging in a participatory discussion of the principles and practices of dialogue education, you will co-design and co-teach two 40-minute practice teaching sessions on a topic of your choice. You will then receive feedback from the facilitators and the other participants, and be able to watch a videotape of your session. Instructor Peter Noteboom has worked with dialogue education practitioners internationally: community development organizations in the Philippines, micro-finance and elementary schools in Haiti, and public health and economic development NGOs in Bangladesh (see www.globalearning.com/LtL.htm) The cost of the workshop is $1400, and discounts are available. refreshments will be provided. For more information, see www.sfu.ca/dialogue/Learning_to_Listen_flyer.pdf.

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Corporation for Positive Change Announces 2006 Training Schedule

The Corporation for Positive Change (www.positivechange.org) is a premier consulting firm using Appreciative Inquiry for transformation and innovation in business, government, and nonprofit organizations around the world, with proven results in change management, leadership development, team building and culture transformation For detailed brochures on each workshop, please e-mail , or phone 505.751.1232 (x2). To see a list of the upcoming workshop dates and locations, click on the link below.

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Compassionate Listening Project Organizing Delegation to Berlin

From May 2-9, 2006 the Compassionate Listening Project (CLP) will host ?“Days of Remembrance?” with Brian and Lisa Berman in Berlin, Germany. CLP invites you to participate in this groundbreaking and heart-opening Compassionate Listening delegation to hear each other?’s stories and experience our shared humanity. Many people avoid going to Germany as they carry the generational and collective wounds of WWII and the Holocaust. It offers a way for healing and for building peace and reconciliation. Participants from all nations and backgrounds who have a genuine interest in reconciliation and personal healing are welcome to join the Delegation. The Compassionate Journey will be an intensive training in Compassionate Listening. The Delegation will listen to our stories as well as to Jewish and German survivors. It will tour memorial sites, including the new Holocaust memorial and we will meet and listen to Jewish community members. The Delegation Leaders are Brian Berman - an American Jew, and Lisa Berman ?– formerly of Berlin, a married couple, both certified Compassionate Listening facilitators. Since 2002, they have been leading Compassionate Listening workshops and Jewish-German Reconciliation work in Germany and the USA. Cost of te May 2-9, 2006 delegation to Berlin, Germany is approximately*$1,525, or $1,445 if registered by January 15, 2006. The price includes unique rooms in an Art Hotel based on double occupancy, with private bath and most meals; trip leaders; guides; honoraria for speakers and hosts; and Compassionate Listening training. Early registration is recommended, as space is limited to 20. Airfare is additional and purchased individually. *(Based on an exchange rate 1 Euro = $1.20 U.S.; The final trip price will be based on the exchange rate as of April 1, 2006). To register visit clgermany06.mollyguard.com

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