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Public Conversations Project Open House Coming Up June 27 in Boston

Public Conversations Project is inviting Boston-area NCDD colleagues to join them in welcoming Cherry Muse, the Public Conversations Project's new executive director, at an Open House on Tuesday, June 27th from 5:00 - 8:00 pm. Refreshments will be served. If you plan to attend please RSVP to Christie Wren at 617-923-1216 ext 23 or email . The gathering will be held at the Family Institute of Cambridge, 51 Kondazian Street, Watertown MA (across the street from the Public Conversations Project). For directions, visit:

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American Library Association Focusing on Civic Engagement

The American Library Association (ALA) has recently developed a focus on civic engagement. Invigorated by questions like "What has gone wrong with our democracy, and what should we do about it?" and "what is the public's role in democracy?" the ALA Fostering Civic Engagement Membership Initiative Group (MIG) will sponsor a Forum on Democracy's Challenge, Saturday, June 24, 2006, 1:30-3:30, at the upcoming ALA Annual Conference in New Orleans. This forum is particularly important because it is critical to the success of a democracy that citizens learn how to deal with complex issues in company with people of diverse opinions. Anyone attending the conference is welcome to the workskhop. For more information on the Civic Engagement Membership Initiative Group, contact the MIG Co-Conveners: Nancy Kranich, ; Taylor Willingham, or Mary Ghikas, .

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Non Violent Communication Conference Coming Up June 30-July 2

A Non Violent Communication (NVC) "Compassion in Action" conference is being organized for June 30 - July 2nd in Oakland, California. This event is geared towards NVC people in the US coming together to support and network with each-other. The gathering costs $350 - $260 per participant to attend 9that includes room & board costs). More information on this event can be found here:
www.cnvc.org/usa-community-building-gathering.htm and here: www.baynvc.org/calendar/view_entry.php?id=CD1004&date=20060629.

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Group Facilitation Workshop Coming Up in San Francisco

Sam Kaner, author of the international best-seller, Facilitator's Guide to Participatory Decision-Making (now in its 15th printing), will be leading workshop on group facilitation skills this June 20 - 22 at Community At Work in San Francisco. This is a unique opportunity for beginning and intermediate level facilitators to study with a nationally-recognized expert in the field. For more information, contact Duane Berger at (415) 641-9773 or .

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First National Conference on Precaution Coming Up in June

From June 9th ?– 11th, 2006 the University of Maryland School of Nursing will be sponsoring the First National Conference on Precaution. The conference aims to build the movement for precautionary action to prevent harm from environmental hazards. It features over 35 workshops on more than 50 model local, state and national policies and programs from Europe, Canada and the U.S.; effective precautionary tools, such as alternatives assessments to find safer substitutes, health investigations, full-cost accounting of pollution's ?“hidden costs?” and getting out of the ?“risk assessment box;?” collaborative strategies to build a broader movement for precaution among diverse groups; and trainings on community organizing, fundraising, campaign strategies, advocacy, media outreach, messaging and running for political office. This national event will bring together groups working on conservation, disease prevention, environmental justice, green purchasing, health, pesticides, toxic and nuclear pollution prevention, worker safety and health and more to build a stronger movement to protect our health and environment. Conference and hotel registration must be received by Friday, May 5th. To download a registration form, go to www.besafenet.com/ppconfregform.pdf. For additional registration information, please contact the Center for Health, Environment & Justice (CHEJ) at 703-237-2249 X 11, or .

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AACJP Conference On Restorative Justice Coming Up in Miami

The American Association of Community Justice Professionals (AACJP) will be holding a conference from June 10-14 in Miami Florida. The conference will be organized around three series of workshops. One set of workshops will focus on treatment and assessment strategies that can be used by professionals in human services, community corrections, juvenile justice or other settings when the desired result is changing behaviors or policies supportive of behavioral change. A second set of workshops will address best practices for victims of crime. These workshops will look at practices that range from understanding how to work with an individual victim to implementing systemic change in communities. A third set of workshops will help participants gain an understanding of the diversity of restorative justice practices and how these practices intertwine with treatment and services for victims of crime. The conference will also offer training sessions on various restorative justice topics. To see the conference brochure, visit www.meridian-corp.com/aacjp/brochure.php?button=vw. To register, go to www.meridian-corp.com/aacjp/[email protected]. The early bird registration deadline is May 15.

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Registration is now open for the ACR Environment and Public Policy Section

The Environment and Public Policy Section of the Association for Conflict Resolution has announced that registration is now open for its conference to be held at the Massachusetts Institute for Technology in Cambridge, MA June 28 - 30, 2006. Chaired by Professor Lawrence Susskind, Director of the MIT-Harvard Public Disputes Program and Harry Manasewich, President of Human Factor Dispute Resolutions, "Deliberative Democracy: New Directions in Public Policy Dispute Resolution" will offer participants the opportunity to network with each other while learning from top theorists and practitioners of Public Policy Dispute Resolution and Deliberative Democracy (democratic civic engagement). Keynote addresses and workshops will focus on the intersection of theory and practice in resolving public disputes as a means of deepening civic engagement, the role of practitioners in resolving intractable disputes around social and moral issues such as abortion and rebuilding the Gulf Coast, and work that goes on in other countries to resolve conflicts. The conference will also examine public dispute resolution as a business, leveraging financial and other data gathered from surveys of the top dispute resolution individuals and firms. For more information or to register, go to the website www.eppconference.org. Or, you can also contact Anne Mansfield with your questions at 802-831-1338 or .

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Registration Now Open for 2006 Educators for Community Engagement National Gathering

The annual Educators for Community Engagement National Gathering is a conference for faculty, staff, students, and community leaders committed to service-learning/community-based learning and civic engagement. The heart of the National Gathering is the learning circle, a powerful form of democratic dialogue. In an era of polarized political debate, widespread distrust, and far too much isolation, this event offers a space for people to share their stories, knowledge, and perspectives as equals. On the first day of the conference, participants will choose among site visits and workshops, including one led by the recipient of Campus Compact's 2006 Thomas Ehrlich Faculty Award for Service-Learning. Participants then join a learning circle for the rest of the event, exploring one issue in greater depth. Most learning circle topics will focus on particular community issues, such as housing and homelessness, environmental sustainability, community and economic development, racism and classism, and youth issues; a few will focus on broader philosophical themes. This year, the conference will be held at the University of Wisconsin-Parkside from June 15-17. Please visit www.e4ce.org/NG2006 to register for the National Gathering and view updates on the program, registration, and scholarship opportunities. More information about Learning Circles is available at www.e4ce.org/LearningCircles/LearningCircles.htm. If you have questions, please contact Dan Neumann, /262-595-2002, or Heather Vallejos, /262-595-2637.

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Applications Due April 15 for CONTACT Graduate Training Program in Conflict Transformation

Eline Potoski of the School for International Training in Brattleboro, Vermont wanted us to share an announcement with you about the acclaimed CONTACT Summer Institute. CONTACT (Conflict Transformation Across Cultures) is a three-week 3-credit graduate training program in conflict transformation that provides skills and practical tools for reconciling intercommunal and intergroup conflict. The program?’s mix of participants includes diverse individuals from a broad range of countries and regions around the world (six continents in 2004) and often includes individuals from opposing sides of a particular conflict. Applications this summer's program, which will take place May 29th, 2006 to June 16th, 2006, are due by April 15. Click below for the full announcement.

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Summit On Media & Political Education Coming Up in MA

Hundreds of traditional and citizen journalists, politic al strategists, educators, bloggers, developers, technology and media researchers will convene June 29-July 1, 2006 at University of Massachusetts Amherst for the first Media Giraffe Project conference called "Democracy & Independence: Sharing News & Politics in a Connected World." The Media Giraffe Project, a non-partisan, interdisciplinary research effort of the UMass journalism program, is hosting the roundtable summit and how-to sessions designed to: * Consider and recommend answers to changes to the financing and practice of journalism * Bridge the gap between new and traditional media * Show and consider the impact of new media technologies on journalism and the "public sphere" * Spotlight emerging business models * Create new networks of media innovators which bridge traditional carriers among journalism, education, politics and technology * Watch and share innovations in media-literacy education. For more information or to register visit www.mediagiraffe.org/invite-dowire. Or contact Media Giraffe Project at 108 Bartlett Hall, University of Massachusetts Amherst, Amherst MA 01003, Tel. 413-577-4370 or email:

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Taos Institute Announces Workshop Line Up

This Spring the Taos Institute is offering a full array of Appreciative Inquiry workshops. The workshop offerings are sponsored by our board members, the advisory board members and our associates and reflect their interests, practices and gifts. All workshop content is in alignment with social construction ideas and is grounded in its theory and practices. Register through the workshop presenters. To see a full listing, descriptions and registration information visit: www.taosinstitute.net. To see a list of the workshops, click on the link below.

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Three Dialogue Mapping Workshops Coming Up

Three Dialogue Mapping Workshops, lead by Dr. Jeff Conklin, will be held this April 18-19 in Redwood City, California (SF Bay Area); May 23-24 in Birmingham, England; and July 18-19 in Washington, DC. This 2-day workshop is highly engaging and interactive and teaches the core skills of a new facilitation technique. As with any art form, dialogue mapping is challenging to describe but easy to comprehend experientially. This technique gets away from herding the group through a series of steps, focusing the participants instead on listening carefully, speaking clearly, and learning together about the issues and concerns they bring to the table. The facilitator/dialogue mapper engages the group with a map of their comments that he or she builds on the fly. The map is a shared display ... paper taped to the wall or software projected on a screen. The "secret sauce" of dialogue mapping is the use of the Issue Based Information System (IBIS) notation: Questions, Ideas, and Pros/Cons. The IBIS framework frees the group from tyranny of agreement. Conflicting information and points of view reside next to each other in the map, reflecting the diversity of the stakeholders and the complexity of a wicked problem. Although this is not a software workshop, reference will be made to Compendium, graphical hypertext software available free at http://www.compendiuminstitute.org . Dialogue Mapping is a powerful new tool for collaboration and sense making, and this workshop is fun, stimulating, and rewarding. For more information on the workshops, or to register, visit http://cognexus.org/id18.htm.

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Presence Walkabouts Coming Up in Santa Fe

Glenna Gerard (www.glennagerard.net) has just announced that she will guide two Presence Walkabouts in Santa Fe, New Mexico from June 18-25 and Sept. 24-Oct. 1, 2006. ?“Presence?” means: paying attention to that which is immediate; noticing what is emerging; discerning what is important; listening deeply and responding authentically. A ?“Walkabout?” is an experiential practice of heightened awareness, moving upon and in partnership with the Land and Nature. Such connection with the natural environment invokes inner resonance that opens the individual and collective to different ways of knowing. This challenging practice of commitment to a Walkabout, originated with the indigenous peoples of Australia as a means of attuning with the powers of place (landscapes) and rhythm (seasons) in search of a deeper knowing and wisdom. The essential structure of this Walkabout is a weave of specifically selected practices for Presencing with intentional movement and deep listening on the Land. Each individual will use themselves as an instrument to gain clarity and to create new possibilities in their lives. They will in turn use their increased Presence and attunement to what is emerging to practice deep listening and conscious co-creation as a group. The people who step into the Presence Walkabout groups are expected to be willing to walk into unknown territories, i.e., at the edge of their present personal, social, political and economic narratives. They will gather to hone their individual capacities for Presence, while at the same time exploring the nature and practice of Collective Presencing. Each group is limited to 12-15 persons. For more information, visit www.glennagerard.net/pw_seasonal.pdf or contact Glenna Gerard directly at .

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Victim-Offender Mediation Conference Coming Up in Florida

VOMA (Victim-Offender Mediation Association) is co-sponsoring a national conference this year with the American Association of Community Justice Professionals (AACJP). The conference will be held in Miami, Florida in mid-June. Pre-conference training sessions will be held on June 10 and 11 and the full conference will be held from Monday through Wednesday June 12-14, 2006. You can access the full conference program on the VOMA Web site at http://voma.org/docs/AAJCP2006.pdf.

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Association for Conflict Resolution Seeking Conference Proposals on Deliberative Democracy

Deliberative Democracy: New Directions in Public Policy Dispute Resolution is the theme for the annual conference of the Environment and Public Policy Section (EPP) of the Association for Conflict Resolution. The conference will be held on the campus of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in Cambridge, Massachusetts from Wednesday, June 28 through Friday, June 30, 2006. They are seeking proposals by March 24th on one of three themes: Deliberative Democracy; Intractable, Values-Based Public Policy Disputes; International, Cross-Cultural Comparative Analysis of dispute resolution outside the United States. Please submit your proposal by email to Carri Hulet, Conference Manager, at . If you have any questions prior to submitting your proposal, please contact Carri at the same address. If you would like more information about the Environment and Public Policy Section of the Association for Conflict Resolution, please contact Co-Chair Cindy Cook at . For general information about the conference, contact Anne Mansfield at 802-831-1338 or [email protected], or see www.vermontlaw.edu/elc/index.cfm?doc_id=1199. To read more about proposal submission guidelines, click on the link below.

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ACT to Offer Summer Institute on Peacebuilding & Conflict Resolution (IPCR) 2006

The Alliance for Conflict Transformation (ACT) has just announced the Summer Institute on Peacebuilding & Conflict Resolution (IPCR). IPCR is an intensive 3-week residential program intended to build the capacity of current and future professionals in a variety of fields to make a critical difference in furthering peaceful relations in the world. The course is offered in two locations Santa Cruz, Bolivia: June 10 ?– July 1, 2006; Jakarta, Indonesia: July 22 ?– August 12, 2006. They are currently accepting applications for participation from English speaking professionals, graduate and upper-level undergraduate students in peace and conflict resolution, international affairs, political science, Latin American studies, Asian studies, anthropology, development and related fields and interests. AT IPCR, students enjoy a supportive learning environment where experienced trainers and faculty combine brief lectures, case studies, field trips, role-plays, simulations, and field work with the experiences of local and international peacebuilding practitioners. IPCR offers a stimulating integration of theory and practice, bringing together innovative academic analysis with practical, hands-on training and skills development. To see the complete program description and on-line application, visit the ACT website: www.conflicttransformation.org For more information contact Dr. Nike Carstarphen, Senior Partner, ACT, PO Box 9117, Alexandria, VA 22304, Phone: (703) 461-3650, Email: or . The final application deadline is April 1, 2006.

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Initiatives of Change Announces 60th Annual Summer Conferences Line Up

This summer, delegates from around the world will meet for the 60th annual summer conferences at the Initiatives of Change center in Caux, Switzerland. The conferences, under the theme of Globalizing Integrity, Personalizing Integrity, will run July 6 ?– August 17, 2006. For more information or to register for the conferences, please visit www.caux.ch/en/program.php. Feel free to contact Initiatives of Change (www.us.iofc.org) if you have any questions at 1156 Fifteenth St., NW, Suite 910; Washington, DC 20005-1704; p (202) 872-9077; f (202) 872-9137. For information on idividual conferences, click on the link below.

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AACU Announces Greater Expectations Institute

The American Association of Colleges and Universities (AACU) has just announced the dates for its Greater Expectations Institute. The Institute will be held from June 21 - 25, 2006 in Snowbird, Utah. The Institute is an intensive program designed for campus teams working on ways to increase student engagement, inclusion, and high achievement. Teams will align institutional purposes, structures, and practices as well as advance and assess the kinds of liberal education outcomes outlined in AAC&U's Greater Expectations report. The Institute provides a resource-rich setting that offers significant team time; framing plenaries; workshops; consultations with expert faculty; interaction with other teams; and the opportunity to develop a concrete action plan for departmental, divisional, or campus-wide action. The application deadline is March 17, 2006. For information or to apply online, visit aacu.org/meetings/gexinstitute. Or email or call Misha Charles with questions: ; tel. 202.387.3760 x407.

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School For International Training Announces 2006 Conflict Transformation Training Programs

The School for International Training (www.sit.edu) in Vermont has just announced its 2006 lineup of professional development programs in Conflict Transformation Across Cultures (CONTACT). Started in 1997, CONTACT offers professional development, skills and practical training to professionals working around the world in diverse fields such as education, human services, humanitarian aid, psychology and social work, human rights, and sustainable development. Some skills addressed are: Conflict analysis and intervention; Non-violent action; Intercommunal dialogue; Peace and development; Reconciliation and forgiveness; Training design; Intercultural negotiation and mediation; and Grant writing and fundraising. Programs include their Summer Institute (May 29-June 16, 2006), a three-week, three-credit professional development and graduate training program in conflict transformation; their Graduate Certificate Program, a one-year part-time 14-credit graduate and professional development program. It is designed with two short phases of face-to-face instruction coupled with distance learning in order to accommodate the schedule of full-time working professionals (SIT also offers MA programs in conflict transformation); and site-, organization-, and region-specific programs tailored to meet the needs of a particular organization or community in a conflict or post-conflict situation. Applications are available now and are due by April 15 (or as soon as possible if you are applying for financial aid or need a visa). The School offers a 25% discount on tuition for non-profits. For more infomration about fees, funding, scholarships, and applying to CONTACT, please visit the program website www.sit.edu/contact or contact them at

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Shambhala Institute for Authentic Leadership Announces Additional Program for Summer 2006

The Shambhala Institute for Authentic Leadership has just announced an additional module for its Summer 2006 program. The latest addition is "Solving Tough Problems," led by Adam Kahane and Grady McGonagill. This module is an experiential introduction to the Change Lab developed by Generon Consulting and based on the U-process. The Change Lab is currently being applied to complex global issues, as an experiment in applying cutting-edge methodology to seemingly intractable challenges involving diverse stakeholders. This module was also offered last year, and the case study (creating welcoming communities for immigrants) provided an immersion in the Change Lab process for participants while having ongoing impact on how local stakeholders understand the issue. This module is not yet listed on the website. If you wish to register for it email or call 902-425-0492. To see other modules for summer 2006, visit www.shambhalainstitute.org/modules.html

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EPA Calls for Proposals for Community Involvement Conference

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) currently is soliciting presentation proposals for its 2006 Community Involvement Conference and Training. This annual conference offers a unique opportunity to network with, and learn from, public participation and community involvement professionals from EPA and its federal, state, tribal, and community partners. The conference will offer participants original, engaging, and interactive presentations focusing on ways government can effectively interact with communities to achieve environmental results. The theme for the 2006 Conference is "Something Good is Brewing: Achieving Environmental Results Through Community Involvement." The conference will be held in Milwaukee, Wisconsin from June 27 - 30, 2006. If you are interested in submitting a proposal, visit the conference web site at www.epa.gov/ciconference. All presentation proposals are due close-of-business January 18, 2006. Questions about the conference can be directed to Pat Carey, Chair of the EPA Conference Planning Committee, at or 703-603-8772, or to Lisa Gebler, Conference Coordinator at [email protected] or 301-589-5318.

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Corporation for Positive Change Announces 2006 Training Schedule

The Corporation for Positive Change (www.positivechange.org) is a premier consulting firm using Appreciative Inquiry for transformation and innovation in business, government, and nonprofit organizations around the world, with proven results in change management, leadership development, team building and culture transformation For detailed brochures on each workshop, please e-mail , or phone 505.751.1232 (x2). To see a list of the upcoming workshop dates and locations, click on the link below.

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Interaction 2006 Calls for Conflict Resolution Workshop Proposals

Conflict Resolution Network Canada has just announced that Interaction 2006, its 9th biennial conflict resolution conference, will be held in Winnipeg, Manitoba on June 7-10, 2006. Interaction 2006 will explore innovative ways peace and democracy can be strengthened in our communities through the effective use of dialogue and dispute resolution. All those interested are invited to submit a proposal for a workshop session or academic paper to Canada's largest conflict resolution conference. Please submit proposals on-line by October 31, 2005; their final deadline is November 30, 2005. For more information, or to submit a proposal, visit www.crnetwork.ca/conference/callforproposal.asp.

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Presentations on Technology and Facilitation Sought for IAF Conference

The International Association of Facilitators (IAF) Conference (www.iaf-world.org/i4a/pages/index.cfm?pageid=3365), which will be held in Baltimore on June 15 ?– 17, 2006, is currently recruiting presenters who use technology in their facilitation practice. They hope to set up break-outs for presentations using collaborative technology, web conferencing, teleconferencing, etc. Visit the conference website for more information, to submit a proposal for this part of the conference or to register. Proposals are due October 21, 2005. If you have any questions about this panel, contact organizer J. R. Holt at JRH Associates, Inc.; P O Box 11244, Alexandria, VA 22312-0244; Telephone 703.931.0930; Fax: 703.354.8558; Cell: 703.470.9800 or Email: [email protected].

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