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Naropa University Authentic Leadership Certificate Program Starting this August

Launched in 1999, Naropa's Authentic Leadership program is a transformative leadership course that integrates ancient wisdom with effective, modern approaches to management. The format encourages deep, personal learning in an environment that makes it possible to assimilate ideas and concepts at an accelerated pace. Online instruction makes it possible to share ideas and participate in group learning from anywhere in the world. Through the Authentic Leadership Certificate Program, participants can learn to discover unique solutions to challenges and opportunities. The next program is from August 28 - December 15, 2006 and includes two Residential Retreats at Garrison Institute. For more information or to register: call 800.603.3117, 303.245.4800, email or visit the program website at

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YouthRising Grant Program to Support High Risk Youth in Volunteer Service

Youth Service America ( and the U.S. Department of Justice, Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention ( have announced the launch of the YouthRising grant program. This opportunity offers grants of $2,000 for organizations in the United States to engage high risk and/or gang-involved youth (ages 12-25) in volunteer service to their communities. Community-based groups/organizations, local government agencies, schools, and faith-based groups that have prior experience and documented success working directly with high-risk and/or gang-involved youth are eligible to apply. The program seeks projects that are co-led by youth and adult allies such as parents, counselors, coaches, teachers, youth leaders, etc. A significant portion of the project must take place on National and Global Youth Service Day, April 20-22, 2007 ( Application materials are available at the YSA Web site. Deadline: October 12, 2006

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Deep Democracy Workshop Coming Up in Halifax and Boston

Envison Halifax is sponsoring the workshop "Deep Democracy: Unleashing the Potential of Groups" with Myrna Lewis and Sera Thompson. This four-day intensive training will give you the basic skills for an unusual and extremely helpful way of understanding and working with decision-making and the resolution of underlying issues. Deep Democracy is based on the work of revolutionary physicist/psychologist Arnold Mindel and was originally developed in South Africa, to work with business in the transition out of Apartheid. The cost of the course is $850, space is limited to 22 participants. Group discounts are available and the cost is negotiable for non-profit and independents. For more information, visit

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Association of Conflict Resolution Conference Coming Up October 25-28

This October, the Association of Conflict Resolution Conference called "Celebrating Our Past, Shaping the Future" will meet in historic Philadelphia, PA. With Philadelphia?’s historical importance, the theme of ?“Celebrating Our Past, Shaping the Future?” is particularly relevant as we embark on another great year in ACR?’s history. International Day and a Spanish track will once again appear on the program along with new features like a Commercial Section program track. Attendees may want to check out flights with United Airlines, the official carrier of the 2006 conference. Visit the conference website at for details.

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Berkana Institute Organizing Southern Africa Learning Journey

The Berkana Institute invites participants for a Learning Journey to South Africa and Zimbabwe that will open your eyes, minds and hearts to essential learning about the leadership that is emerging in one of our planet's most vibrant places. On this journey, participants will meet and learn with extraordinary pioneering leaders in Johannesburg, South Africa, and at Zimbabwe's Kufunda Learning Village. The Learning Journey will also spend time learning from the wildlife of Africa whose grace and beauty and interdependent relationships are an inspiration. Marianne Knuth, part of the Shambhala Institute's hosting team and founder of Kufunda, will join Berkana Institute Co-President Bob Stilger as hosts of this journey. Together participants explore innovative approaches to leadership that offer new possibilities for making a difference in our own lives. For more information about the Southern Africa Learning Journey, taking place October 30 - November 11, 2006, visit the Berkana Institute's website: or contact Jeana Corbett, Learning Journey Coordinator,

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Shambhala Institute Announces Art of Hosting and Convening Workshop

The Shambhala Institute has just announced an upcoming workshop: The Art of Hosting and Convening Meaningful Conversations with Toke Moeller, Monika Nissen, and Sera Thompson. This workshop explores the art of convening the conversations most important to our communities, families and organizations. You will learn a variety of methods and practices for engaging in conversations that matter which create wise action and clear outcomes. The workshop will take place in Yarmouth County, Nova Scotia - August 14-16, 2006. For more information, contact .

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Training Opportunity: Becoming a Measurement Guide

Yellow Wood Associates, Inc., of St. Albans, VT, has just announced a training that will enable professional facilitators to deliver a powerful planning and evaluation tool, called You Get What You Measure® to their own clients. In development for over ten years, You Get What You Measure® recognizes the importance of values in group work, incorporates systems thinking, and creates a culture of group learning. It explores in detail the connections between goals, indicators, measures, and the assumptions about how or whether specific actions will affect progress towards the goal. Ideal measurement guide candidates are community or organizational development professionals in a variety of fields seeking to build the capacity of their organizations or communities to make real and measurable progress towards their goals. After completing the three-day Becoming a Measurement Guide training, participants will be well on their way to becoming a licensed guide able to deliver You Get What You Measure® to clients of their choice. The training will be held at Yellow Wood Associates in St. Albans, VT, November 13-15, 2006. One or two of the available slots for this training will be available for smaller organizations at discounted rates. For more information, visit their website at, call 802-524-6141 or email [email protected].

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Authentic Leadership in Europe Workshop Coming Up in December

The Shambhala Institute has just announced an upcoming workshop called "Authentic Leadership in Europe: Empowering the Journey through Circle, Brush & Sword." In this intensive participants will increase their capacity for presence, courage, and flexibility. They will practice stepping back to allow creativity to emerge and stepping forward when intervention is called for, and will learn how to design change processes that include both broad engagement and a concrete plan of action. This intensive is for leaders and entrepreneurs of all levels-team or project leaders, facilitators, managers, executives, community builders, and other agents of change. The workshop will be led by oke Moeller, Barbara Bash & Bob Wing, from December 6-9, 2006 at the Heinsheim Castle Hotel, 1.5 hours south of Frankfurt, Germany. For more information, email Susan Szpakowski at .

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National Issues Forums Public Voice 2006 Program Now Available Online

The National Issues Forums (NIF) website ( now has information (including a video clip to watch) about this year?’s ?“A Public Voice 2006?”?—an annually produced one-hour public affairs television program that examines how well the United States public is tackling an important public issue. The program for 2006 is titled: ?“People and Politics: Facing Democracy?’s Challenge?” and includes glimpses inside some of the National Issues Forums around the country where people have held deliberative discussions using the NIF issue book ?“Democracy?’s Challenge: Reclaiming the Public?’s Role.?” The television program also features a panel of office holders, experts, and members of the media as they view and discuss excerpts from forums held earlier this year. You can watch a clip from this new program and find more information about the ?“A Public Voice?” series, including a current listing of public television stations around the country that have made commitments to air this year?’s ?“A Public Voice 2006.?” Links to all this information and to a page that will let you watch a clip from this year?’s program (or from last year?’s program) can be found in the lower left hand side of the NIF homepage. To order a copy of this video, contact Ruffolo at , call 800-600-4060, or FAX: 937-435-7367.

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National Mediation Training Comming Up in Minnesota

This October, the Center for Policy, Planning & Performance will organize a 4 day Mediation Training workshop in Minneapolis/St. Paul, Minnesota. This 40-hour basic Mediation Process Training meets the standards of the Minnesota Supreme Court ADR-Rule 114 for neutral qualification, which is required for private mediation centers and state rosters. Specific practical applications include organizational conflict management, community or group dispute facilitation, and interest-based interpersonal communications. Trainers are Bernard Mayer and Barbara Raye. Cost is $860.00 (includes materials). To register for the workshop, held October 2 ?– 6, 2006 contact the Center for Policy, Planning and Performance at 2233 University Avenue West, St. Paul, Minnesota 55114; Phone: (612) 874-0535; Website:

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New Article on Intergroup Dialogue

We're pleased to spread the news about NCDD member Adrienne Dessel's new article called "Using Intergroup Dialogue to Promote Social Justice and Change" co-authored with Mary E. Rogge, and Sarah B. Garlington. The article will be published in the journal Social Work this October. It examines intergroup dialogue as a bridging mechanism through which social workers in clinical, other direct practice, organizer, activist, and other roles across the micro?–macro practice spectrum can engage with people in conflict to advance advocacy, justice, and social change. The article defines intergroup dialogue and provide examples in not-for-profit or community-based and academic settings of how intergroup dialogue has been applied to conflicts around topics of race and ethnic nationality, sexual orientation, religion, and culture. It concludes with recommendations for practice-, policy-, and research-related actions that social workers can take to understand and use intergroup dialogue.

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Peace It Together Gala Event Coming Up in Vancouver

Peace it Together is an important youth program that brings ten Israeli, ten Palestinian and ten Canadian youth together to discuss conflict in the Middle East. Together they will create short films that will help them and their audiences struggle with, and come to terms with the escalating violence that continues to impact their lives. After getting to know each other for a few days in the city, the youth will gather on Galiano Island at the Gulf Islands Film and Television School. Activities will focus on dialogue and listening exercises, leadership training, outdoor and wilderness experiences, and film-making. In small and culturally-mixed groups, the youth will collaborate on creating drama, documentary or animated short films about how the conflict impacts their lives, hopes and fears. The summer program will culminate in a public screening of the films in Vancouver. All are invited to the Peace it Together Gala on Sunday, August 20th at the HR MacMillan Space Centre, 1100 Chestnut Street, at 7:00 PM. For more information, visit the program's website:

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