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Skip to main content. Spring 2008 Internships, an all-partisan network dedicated to educating, empowering, and energizing young people to increase civic engagement and political participation, has a handful of excellent intern opportunities available in both the Washington, D.C. and Berkeley, CA. works to show young people how public policy impacts our lives, and conversely the profound impact we can have on public policy. Their programs and projects are reflective of that belief. For more information on, and their programs, please visit Internships at are hands on, high level opportunities to get involved in a fast-paced, youth-led, non-profit that works hard to ensure that the voices of the millennial generation are heard. Securing a internship is generally a competitive process so they encourage you to get your application in early and contact the staff if you have any questions or need additional information. For more information on internships available through please contact Maya Enista, Chief Operating Officer, at .

Read all about the available internships after the break.

from DC…

Democracy 2.0 Entrepreneur Outreach Coordinator

The Democracy 2.0 Entrepreneuer is a program merging TV’s “The Apprentice” and the traditional foundation grant-writing processes with an added twist: the people applying will not be non-profit organizations, but teams of Millennial Generation members who after meeting over the weekend will have a but a few hours to create a proposal and “pitch” to a “board” of industry experts their proposals to tackle their generation’s, and this election’s, biggest issues, ranging from the environment to deficit spending.

Interns will be responsible for helping recruit attendees, find locations to hold gatherings and work with the staff to create materials and review proposals. For more information on this process, please read about the Party for the Presidency on the website.


- Comfortable and personable on the phone
- Outgoing and able to communicate well while spreading energy and passion
- Internet research experience (specifically with University websites)
- Basic computer and organization skills a must
- Good public speaking skills and a desire to improve them
- Must have great inter-personal skills and a passion for nonprofit, youth-based political work

Advocacy/Policy Coordinator and Youth Policy Action Center Liaison


- Research and monitor youth policy on the national level and in specified districts
- Assist the Executive Director and Policy Committee in choosing and researching legislation to advocate on behalf of
- Put together an advocacy campaign around the selected policy on both the national and local level
- Keep the Youth Policy Action Center up-to-date with current advocacy projects and policy research, this is found at
- Maintain a bi-weekly “Mobilize Intern” blog


- Enjoys research and compiling information
- Interest in policy, law, and advocacy
- Willing to learn on your feet, revise action plan, and work diligently despite setbacks
- Creative and capable of designing a campaign
- Computer literate (web design skill are a plus but NOT necessary)
- Must have great inter-personal skills and a passion for nonprofit, youth-based political work

from Berkeley…—Spring 2008 Internship Opportunities

Organization Description is an all-partisan network dedicated to educating, empowering, and energizing young people to increase civic engagement and political participation. We work to show young people how their lives are impacted by public policy and, in turn, how they can impact public policy. Our website is

Interns—Press and Communications Interns

We are looking for undergraduate and graduate students looking to work on an exciting civic engagement project. In the next few months, our organization is launching a massive media and grassroots campaign to get youth involved in the development of local action plans to change public policy.

Interns can generalize, or can request to work on specific pieces, including the following:

Press Liaison
- Would serve as a primary press contact
- Work with news outlets, magazines, and online publications to get coverage for
- Work with the Mobilize Entrepreneur network to issue press releases, get updates on projects

Resident Blogger
- Keep content fresh on the blog
- Get our blog tagged and connecting it to other blogs
- Keeping a consistent response on the blog front to articles about the Millennial Generation
- Maintaining comments and adding comment to Facebook

Multimedia Projects Manager
- Work to develop multimedia elements, like graphics, presentations and video
- Work to expand’s media presence online
- Coordinate with the Communications Director on planning video projects, short and long term.

Number of Hours Per Week: 10-20

Duration of Internship
Beginning of Spring Semester 2008 through May 15, 2008.

- Upper Division and Graduate students, experience with politics, communication, journalism, or student organizing preferred.
- Must be willing to commit to hours.
- Please contact for more details.

No monetary compensation, but opportunities to attend major events, meeting celebrities and elected officials. Great networking resource.

Contact Information

Please send a resume ATTN: Christina Gagnier, Communications Director, at .
If you have additional questions, please do not hesitate to call us at (510) 717-3022.

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