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To-The-Point Resources for Public Officials    

Terry Amsler just sent this to the NCDD Discussion listserv (email [email protected] if you want added to the list, or become a member of NCDD)…

Just in case you’re interested -  The Institute for Local Government’s Collaborative Governance Initiative has organized and authored about two dozen civic engagement-related articles appearing in Western City magazine between July and December of this year.  Western City is the monthly magazine of the League of California Cities and reaches about 11,000 local officials in California.  Topics run from planning and budgeting to youth commissions and assessing civic engagement efforts.  These are not in-depth write-ups, but are for local officials who generally have only limited time to read the magazine. All the articles may be found, as they are published, at

Also see our new publication, A Local Official’s Guide to Immigrant Civic Engagement at  A Local Official’s Guide to Developing Effective Youth Commissions and Guide to Public Involvement in Budgeting are forthcoming.

The Institute for Local Government is the research and education affiliate of the League of California Cities and the California State Association of Counties.  The Collaborative Governance Initiative, a program of the Institute, encourages and supports local official’s efforts to engage in strategic, inclusive and effective civic participation efforts.

Best to all,

Terry Amsler | Program Director
Collaborative Governance Initiative

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