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Call for Proposals for June NYC Dialogue Conference    

The Network for Peace through Dialogue has another conference coming up, in cooperation with Marymount Manhattan College. The conference, titled “Dialogue In/As Action” this year, will take place in New York City on June 12th and 13th. This is a great local conference, and if you are anywhere near NYC, I suggest you attend.  I attended the last one, which was in 2007, and really enjoyed it.  I led a workshop and plan to submit a proposal again this year (proposals are due on January 8th).  Here are the details…

A Conference for Community Groups, Researchers, Teachers, Students and Others

The 2009 Network for Peace through Dialogue conference, “Dialogue In/As Action,” will focus on the rich intersections of the methods, processes, and actions of dialogue that lead to change. The 2009 conference will explore the ground rules for practicing good dialogue, as well as the parameters for putting constructive dialogue into action. The goals of the 2009 conference are to provide a forum for addressing and discussing the following issues:

  • What kind of change can be generated through dialogue?
  • What are the preconditions of dialogue? How can these conditions be fostered?
  • Cases of dialogue in action
  • Cases of dialogue as action
  • Cases of dialogue inaction
  • Cultivating dialogue in and beyond the classroom
  • Transforming dialogue with technology
  • Voices of youth making change (presentations by youth)

Submit a Session Proposal

Be a part of the Conference! Share your expertise, understanding and skills. Session Proposals related to the above topics are welcome until Jan 8, 2009. Click here for the session proposal form.

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