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Peace Games in NYC Seeks Executive Director    

PeaceGamesLogoI just heard word that Koya Consulting LLC is leading an Executive Director search for Peace Games in New York, NY. Peace Games is an innovative school-based violence prevention/social-emotional learning program that teaches students in grades K through 8 to be peacemakers.  The unique Peace Games approach engages whole school communities – families, teachers, volunteers, and students – to teach lessons of cooperation, communication and conflict resolution using games and community service projects.

Peace Games seeks an Executive Director with a blend of experience and entrepreneurial spirit to lead their program in their New York office. The position builds from a strong base of existing assets, including a solid plan, a growing group of excited supporters, a strong track record of results with local schools, an experienced program director to manage day-to-day operations in the schools, and strong fundraising and program expertise. The ideal candidate will have strong fundraising and operational management skills, deep cultural competency, and a passion for the Peace Games mission and goals. See the complete position description.

If you’re interested in this position,
- Please send resume and cover letter to Molly Brennan at
- Or call Koya Consulting at (978) 465-7500

Peace Games was founded in 1992 on the belief that young people have the power and responsibility to change the world.  It is a civic engagement/violence prevention program that prepares young children (K-8th grade) to be peacemakers in their local schools and communities.  The heart of this program is a weekly service-learning curriculum integrated into the academic frameworks of the school, taught by college volunteers in partnership with the classroom teacher.  This curriculum is joined by focused coaching for the principal and a cohort of teachers to strengthen the school’s culture and climate. Peace Games has operations in Boston, New York, and Los Angeles as well as affiliate programs in sites ranging from Chicago to Colombia.

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