Last Day to Complete Open Gov’t Dialogue Survey!    

Today is the last official day to respond to the Open Government Dialogue survey that’s up at

Over a dozen leading organizations in public engagement and transparency (NCDD, IAP2, the League of Women Voters, AmericaSpeaks, OMB Watch, etc.) are collaboratively conducting a survey of people/groups who participated in any of the three stages of the recent Open Government Dialogue (the one that’s feeding into the Open Govt Directive on transparency, participation and collaboration).  We’ll be providing White House officials with feedback and recommendations on this online dialogue and drafting process based in large part on the results of the online survey posted at , and we’d love your participation!

The White House is looking to US for ideas and feedback to improve their future engagement efforts, so if you participated in any part of the OGD process (or even just watched the process without actively participating), we’d love it if you completed the survey.  Please also feel free to share this announcement with your own networks.

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