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Forums on America’s role in the world    

2010 is a “jubilee” year for the Dartmouth Conference—the 50th year of the longest continuous bilateral dialogue between American and Soviet, now Russian, citizens. It was founded in 1960 by citizens outside government, but with the approval of leaders on both sides, as a high-level, informal channel between the two superpowers.

The fall 2010 Dartmouth meeting will provide the setting for an exciting experiment. We will bring together members of the Task Force with a group of Russians and Americans who have been conducting public forums with citizens about their respective country’s role in a globalizing world. The results of these forums will provide vital insights into the limits and opportunities for Russian-US collaboration.

NCDD member Brad Rourke wrote the new issue guide on the U.S. Role In The World, with team members John Doble, Phil Stewart, and Debi Witte.

To learn how you can be a part of these public forums on America’s Role in the World, visit

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