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Welcoming February’s new NCDD members    

In February, NCDD gained 1 new organizational member, 10 new individual members (6 dues-paying and 4 non-dues-paying) and 14 of our dues-paying members renewed their memberships (2 organizations and 12 individuals). Welcome to our new members, and thank you to all those who re-upped!

Our new organization member is Politalk (Contact: Tim Erickson).  Tim has been an individual member since 2002 and upgraded his membership.

Our new 6 dues-paying individual members are

  1. Stephanie Miller, Executive Director at the Health Consumers Alliance of South Australia
  2. David Kimball, Former Host of the Conversational Café
  3. Barbara Chappell, Consultant
  4. Tammy Bormann, Principle Consultant for Tammy Bormann Consultants
  5. Julie Stuart, Owner of Making Ideas Visible
  6. Daniel Fisher of New York

We gained 4 new individual NCDD members (non-dues):

  1. Jan Levinson at the Russell Forum for Civic Life in Georgia
  2. Cathy Kelly at KRIO Consulting
  3. William Ball at Stetson University
  4. Laura Keir at Sterling College

In the month of February, 14 NCDDers renewed their membership.  The following 2 organizational members renewed:

  1. Dialogue Partners, Inc. (Stephani McCallum)
  2. Columbia University (Beth Fisher-Yoshida)

And the following 12 people renewed as dues-paying individual members:

  1. Susan Clark at Woodbury College
  2. Kathleen Conway with the Law Offices of Kathleen M. Conway, LLC.
  3. John Spady at the Forum Foundation
  4. Patricia Perry with Patricia D. Perry Associates
  5. Ariana McBride at the Orton Family Foundation
  6. Daniel Horsey at the 3 Story Stage
  7. Richard Chasin at the Public Conversations Project
  8. Rod Reyna at the Pflugerville Neighborhood Association
  9. Tom Murray at Perspegrity Consulting.
  10. Richard Alper at Conflict Resolution Center of Montgomery County
  11. Shara Pavlow at University of Miami’s School of Communication
  12. Luigi Morelli of Haverhill, MA

To learn about other NCDD members (there are over 1,240 of us now!), find members in your state or city, etc., visit the NCDD members network at

And to see if your membership is in good standing, search for yourself in the members network and look at what’s in the Member Type field in your profile.  If it says “lapsed” or “non-dues-paying,” please consider becoming a current dues-paying member (see payment details here).  You can also email office manager Joy Garman at if you have questions about your status, need payment instructions, or want to change the info on your profile page.

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