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Kansas State Univ’s ICDD adopts Journal for Public Deliberation    

In an article released today, Journal for Public Deliberation editor Ted Becker announced that he is leaving the post of Coordinating Editor of the Journal, which will now be housed at Kansas State University’s Institute for Civic Discourse and Democracy (ICDD). The new editors of the 7-year journal (both NCDD members) are Drs. Tim Steffensmeier and David Procter of Kansas State University. They are both professors, administrators and authors in the Communications Studies Department at KSU and they will serve as the new Coordinating Editors.

The article also talks about plans to JPD to put more of an emphasis on the teaching of public deliberation in various fields in higher education. Read Ted’s full article, titled An Innovation for JPD and a Transition: The Profession and a Confession of an Editor at

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