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Huge welcome to August’s new NCDD members!    

16 new members joined NCDD during the month of August: 2 organizational members and 14 individuals (5 dues-paying and 9 non-dues).  And 18 of our dues-paying members renewed their memberships (5 organization and 13 individuals)! Thanks everybody, and welcome to our new members!

We post these monthly summaries not only to welcome our new members and to thank those who re-upped, but also to help members connect with one another.  Everyone has a page in the members network at so use the search box in the network if you want to learn more about any of these NCDDers.

Our 2 new organizational members:

  1. Citizens in Charge Foundation (Contact: Amanda Roman, who is also an individual member)
  2. University of Virginia’s Weldon Cooper Center for Public Service (Contact: Nancy Gansneder)

Our 14 new individual members (some dues-paying and some non-dues) are:

  1. Mark Linder, Director of Parks and Recreation at the City of Cupertino, CA
  2. Sam Kaner, Executive Director of Community At Work
  3. Linda Denton, Owner of Linda Denton Professional Development
  4. Laurie Neighbors, Director of the Education and Coalition Building at Urban Habitat
  5. Nancy Sharpless with Nancy B. Sharpless Mediation and Facilitation Services
  6. Robert Waldon at Bedford Consulting & Associates
  7. Jennifer Stone at Jennifer Stone Consulting
  8. Cathie Ostapchuk, a facilitator in Canada
  9. David Montgomerie of North Carolina
  10. Matthew Cooper at South Mountain Community College
  11. Michelle Beasley with Mind of Travels
  12. Diane Owens with the Coffee Party Movement
  13. Joel Hansen of Iowa
  14. Charles Balter of Washington

Our 5 renewed organizational members:

  1. Englewood Area Community Foundation (Michael Shannon)
  2. Dispute Resolution Program at the Office of the Los Angeles City Attorney (Avis Ridley-Thomas and Yvonne Elias)
  3. Healthy Democracy Oregon (Tyrone Reitman and Elliot Shuford)
  4. Center for Wise Democratic Processes (DeAnna Martin and Jim and Jean Rough)
  5. Open Forum Foundation (Wayne Burke)

Our 13 renewed (dues-paying) individual members::

  1. Theodore Thomas at The James P Grant Trust for International Social Development
  2. Helen Spector with Spector & Associates
  3. Cynthia Gibson with Cynthesis Consulting and CitizenPost
  4. Jan Inglis at Integrative Learning Institute
  5. Chris Heuer at Social Media Club
  6. Roberta Crowe with the Maricopa County Department of Transportation
  7. John Godec, Godec at Randall & Associates
  8. Richard Ober with the New Hampshire Charitable Foundation
  9. Betsy Coddington at Resolutions Northwest
  10. Marcus Rivas of Kansas
  11. Sheril Smith at the University of Texas
  12. Diane Good, a Diversity Consultant in New York
  13. Dick LaFever with Crossroads Leadership Institute

Welcome and thanks, everyone!

To learn about other NCDD members (there are over 1,400 of us now!), find members in your state or city, etc., visit the NCDD members network at

And to see if your membership is in good standing, search for yourself in the members network and look at what’s in the Member Type field in your profile. If it says “lapsed” or “non-dues-paying,” please consider becoming a current dues-paying member (see payment details here). You can also email NCDD office manager Joy Garman at [email protected] if you have questions about your status, need payment instructions, or want to change the info on your profile page.

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