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Have you heard the buzz about Austin’s Nov 5th NCDD meeting?    

Have you heard the buzz?  This highly interactive workshop is bringing together folks from the public sector, public engagement practitioners, students, and interested citizens for a rich day of learning and dialogue on how to raise the bar in public engagement. Be sure to join us on November 5 and you will:

  • Learn from community examples and real life stories of engagement efforts in Central Texas around a wide range of topics - water, education, community planning, recreation and more.
  • Experience firsthand a variety of methods that can be applied to public engagement.
  • Explore online and face-to-face techniques, and grapple with some of the tough questions around the use of these tools.
  • Identify approaches to work across traditional boundaries and foster collaborations that get results.

Don’t miss out on the in-depth discussion and the practical strategies that can help your next public engagement process be more satisfying and successful!  Registration for this one-day event is $85 ($70 for NCDD members and $42 for students) and includes lunch.  Learn more by emailing [email protected] and register today at

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