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RFQ for help creating public engagement policy    

I was contacted today by Sonam Shah of the Bay Area Air Quality Management District (based in San Francisco, CA), who wanted to share an RFQ with NCDDers.  I think some of you will be very interested in this opportunity to help create a comprehensive district-wide policy and plan for public engagement.

Importantly, one of the qualifications they’re seeking is “experience developing and drafting Public Engagement Policies and Plans for public agencies with multi-county jurisdictions and regulatory authority.” This 9-month project (estimated for March through October) is budgeted for up to and may not exceed $200,000. Qualifications are due January 21.

The Bay Area Air Quality Management District requests a statement of qualifications from qualified entities to assist in the creation of a district-wide Public Engagement Policy and Plan aimed at laying out guidance and tools for engaging stakeholders in District actions. The Air District intends to develop a Public Engagement Policy and a Public Engagement Plan to help provide the agency with consistency when working with the public.  The RFQ can be found at the following link: (Note: ashx files can be opened in Adobe Reader.)

They’re looking forward to your response.  For more information on the BAAQMD’s open RFP/RFQs, visit

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