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Youth Service America Offers Micro-Grants for Youth-Led Social Ventures    

Here’s a grant for young people interested in starting their own community dialogue programs: The Youth Service America-Youth Venture Program, a joint partnership between Youth Service America ( ) and Youth Venture, Inc. ( ), is now accepting applications from young people across the United States who are interested in starting their own sustainable social ventures. Examples of possible ventures include a youth center designed to keep youth out of trouble with music and art programs; an anti-peer pressure education campaign; a bike repair shop with a vocational training program; or an assembly program touring inner-city schools that combines music with an anti-drug/violence performances. Ventures must be youth-led and designed to be a lasting, sustainable asset to the community. YSA Youth Venture teams are required to plan a Global Youth Service Day ( ) project every year that their venture is operational.

The YSA Youth Venture Program provides a variety of resources, including a national network of like-minded young people, media opportunities, technical support, helpful toolkits and workshops, as well as grants of up to $1,000 each for start-up expenses. Visit the Youth Venture Web site for complete program information. The deadline for applications is August 13, 2007.

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