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PPS Releases “Achieving Great Federal Public Spaces”    

The Project for Public Spaces (PPS) has just released Achieving Great Federal Public Spaces: A Property Manager’s Guide. Written and designed by PPS and the US General Services Administration Good Neighbor program, this innovative guidebook is a valuable tool public property managers seeking to evaluate and improve their lobbies, atriums, plazas, courtyards, and other public spaces. It comprises four major sections (also available for download as free PDFs):

1. Why great places matter and what makes a good public space
2. How to evaluate a building’s public spaces
3. What improvements work in the short-, medium-, and long-term
4. How to successfully implement solutions

The centerpiece of the book is the “Place Audit,” a detailed on-site evaluation exercise that property managers can complete on their own or with a group of stakeholders. The Audit reveals the strengths and weaknesses of a property’s public spaces. Equipped with this knowledge, property managers can proceed with confidence to implement the book’s recommendations for improvement.

Since its publication in July 2007, Achieving Great Federal Public Spaces has been distributed to 1600 managers of federal properties across the United States. The Place Audit is being incorporated into GSA’s annual evaluations, and it will serve as the basis for training federal property managers in Placemaking. Free copies of Achieving Great Federal Public Spaces are available as supply permits. To order a copy, please visit PPS’ bookstore or call (212) 620-5660.

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