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NCDD is running, involved in, and supporting a variety of projects to help advance the rapidly-growing dialogue and deliberation community.

Also check out our partners’ upcoming trainings – all of which are discounted significantly for NCDD members who have paid the (optional) membership fee.

Special Project of Note

Public Engagement Principles (PEP) Project

From mid-February through April 2009, NCDD (in collaboration with IAP2, the Co-Intelligence Institute, and others) led this bold attempt to develop a set of Core Principles for Public Engagement most of us involved in the fields of public engagement, conflict resolution, and collaboration can get behind. Dozens of people and organizations got involved in critiquing and composing the Core Principles, and most leading organizations in our field of practice have endorsed the document. Check out the Core Principles, endorsers, and background information at www.thataway.org/pep, and consider endorsing yourself!

Programs We’re Co-Sponsoring or Supporting…

Including the Excluded Online Conference

NCDD is a Conference Affiliate for the Stakeholder Engagement 2010 Online Conference: Including the Excluded that will take place March 2-4, 2010. This unique online conference will be focused on Social Inclusion, Social/Environmental Justice and Accessibility, and will feature interactive presentations, networking and more. A portion of your registration supports NCDD, so be sure to use the NCDD discount code (“NCDDspecial”) when you register, so you can save $40 and support NCDD at the same time!  Registration for NCDD members is just $139 (down from the regular $179 rate for individuals).

The three-day program highlights practical insights and best practices from around the globe for engaging people who have historically been excluded (for example, those subject to racial or ethnic discrimination), individuals with physical or mental disabilities, or persons who are socially excluded for a variety of reasons (such as people who are homeless or in a country illegally). Complete registration details are at www.seconf.org.

The conference is ideal for professionals whose responsibilities include engaging stakeholders on an ongoing or periodic basis, including those in the fields of planning, environmental management and engineering, health, education and nonprofit management. Registrants will become part of the online conference community, attend conference sessions, participate in networking activities and take field trips in Second Life. They also will be able to access session recordings, presentation materials and continue networking with fellow registrants for at least six months following the conference.

Including the Excluded is presented by PublicDecisions, the online provider of professional development programs for stakeholder engagement and Learning Times, the leading producer of online communities and online conferences for education and training. The Presenting Sponsor is Berrett-Koehler Publishers. Conference Affiliates include the National Coalition for Dialogue and Deliberation (NCDD) and INVOLVE.

The Democracy Communications Network

The Democracy Communications Network is a new collaborative effort to raise awareness about the central role people can and are playing in decision-making and problem-solving. A group of leaders in public engagement (including AmericaSpeaks, the Deliberative Democracy Consortium, Everyday Democracy, the Kettering Foundation, NCDD, Public Agenda, and others) recently launched the Democracy Communications Network, in an attempt to:

  • coordinate PR efforts (op-eds, blogging, articles, etc.) in response to current events
  • develop simple, compelling language to describe public engagement work
  • make widely available helpful tools for writing compelling op-eds, working with newspapers, writing for blogs, etc.
  • keep track of the blog posts and op-eds that are written, so that others can be inspired by those examples
  • raise the visibility of the work we all are doing

Learn more about this important initiative, or email [email protected] if you’d like to get involved.

2009 National MultiCultural Institute (NMCI) Conference (immediate past project)

NMCI is welcoming NCDD members with open arms to its 2009 annual conference/training event, offering a 10% discount to dues-paying NCDD members on its Diversity Leadership Institute and Emerging Issues Forum. Depending on what you are interested in attending, that’s a savings of up to $97 for nonprofits and individuals, or $145 for corporate attendees.

NMCI’s 2009 conference, “Forging New Pathways for Diversity and Inclusion: Building Skills for Collaboration and Dialogue,” takes place November 18-21 at the Marriott Crystal City in Arlington, Virginia. If you are interested in professional development and dialogue on cutting-edge diversity and inclusion issues, the NMCI conference is for you. NCDD is an official sponsor of the conference.

Sandy Heierbacher, NCDD’s Director, helped design and organize the innovative Emerging Issues Forum on November 18th, a day-long event designed to convene engage leaders from different sectors and disciplines in thoughtful dialogue on controversial diversity and equity issues they face in their organizations, communities, and greater society. NCDD members David Campt and Leilani Henry will help this session succeed, using electronic keypads and Playback Theatre techniques (respectively) to enable top thought leaders in diversity and inclusion to identify and explore the major challenges they face, now and in the future, in achieving their goals of a truly equitable and inclusive society.

Learn more about NMCI and this year’s training program at www.nmci.org or download the PDF program at www.nmci.org/documents/NMCIProgramFinalWebVersion.pdf.


Current NCDD Projects…

Community News & Perspectives Blog
The world of dialogue & deliberation is expanding rapidly, and NCDD has been keeping tabs on what’s going on and what opportunities YOU can take advantage of for years now on our blog. Edited by the lovely Amy Lang and contributed to by a small group of the coolest bloggers around, our dynamic blog is updated almost daily. Email [email protected] to submit announcements or to join the blogging team.

Supporting New Coalitions for D&D

Although NCDD has over 100 members from outside the U.S. and welcomes more, we recognize that we are not fully equipped to meet many of the needs of D&D practitioners, researchers, activists and others from outside the U.S. For this reason, we are committed to supporting non-U.S. D&D coalitions and networks that others initiate.

Our programs and offerings have inspired a similar Coalition to form in Canada, and an African coalition is starting to develop. Others from Germany and England have approached us about possible D&D Coalitions in those countries. Learn more.

Guidebook to Dialogue & Deliberation
NCDD is producing a small easy-to-use guidebook that will introduce people to the range of dialogue and deliberation methods that are available to them, and help them decide when to use which method. We plan to publish thousands of copies of the guidebook and make them widely available to the D&D community and others in order to help promote dialogue and deliberation.

The draft guidebook is online at http://thataway.org/index.php/?page_id=952, and we strongly encourage you to look it over and add comments about what you think should be changed, added, or taken away.

Affinity Groups and Regional Networks
NCDD runs discussion lists for several affinity groups, including those interested in higher education, those new to D&D, and those looking into “making a living in D&D.” We also have discussion lists for D&D folks in Northern California, and those based in Colorado. Learn more or subscribe to these lists.

The NCDD Members Network also offers a way for members to create unlimited affinity groups as well, and we launched the network with dozens of groups. Based on where they lived, members were added to 15 regional groups. Members can also join 14 interest-based groups – including groups based on streams of practice (deliberative democracy, conflict resolution, etc.), groups based on the type of work a member does (research, whole system processes, etc.), and others. Join NCDD to participate in these groups.

We encourage NCDD members to form their own local networks. Let us know if you are interested in this – or if you’re already doing it – so we can see how NCDD may be able to help ([email protected]). We list regional/local networks in our Learning Exchange, and would love to add more and encourage our members to get involved!

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  1. Comment added by Arne Malo on February 5, 2009:

    What a pleasure, I stumbled onto the site and get to be the first with a comment. Well worked out. I am going to need som collaboration on some like projects in Eastern africa.



  2. Comment added by Steve M on March 16, 2009:

    please feel free to visit the ncddnet website and to join the New York group. thanks.

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