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I just created this page as a way to chronicle old NCDD action groups, events we’ve co-sponsored or helped organize which have come and gone, and other projects that are no longer active. I’ll be adding more soon…

Why Dialogue: and when and how and where?

June 15-16, 2007

The New York City-based Network for Peace through Dialogue (NPD) held a conference called “Why Dialogue: and when and how and where?” on June 15th and 16th, 2007, and NCDD was pleased to co-sponsor this event. This affordable conference, held in collaboration with MarymountManhattan College, featured interactive sessions led by groups including Public Conversations Project, the Dialogue Project, the Compassionate Listening Project, and NCDD.

2007 Conference of ACR’s Environment and Public Policy Section

June 7-9, 2007

The Association for Conflict Resolution’s EPP Section’s 2007 Conference was held on the campus of Florida Atlantic University’s Jupiter John D. MacArthur Campus in Jupiter, Florida. The conference started in the early afternoon on Thursday, June 7 and ended at noon on Saturday, June 9, 2007.

NCDD is recognized as a Sponsor of this conference, and members of NCDD received the same discount as ACR members ($275 for the full conference or $150 for one day). The student rate was only $90, and students were strongly encouraged to participate. Go to for the full conference program and other materials.

Nexus for Change

March 22-23, 2007Held at Bowling Green State University in Ohio in March, Nexus for Change brought together practitioners, researchers, leaders, activists, and educators to advance participative change methods. NCDD was a co-sponsor of this gathering.

The focus of the conference will be on leveraging the power of over 60 approaches being used to transform whole organizations and communities as they tackle 21st century challenges – the 60+ methods featured in the recently-published second edition of The Change Handbook. These approaches are broadly referred to as large-group methods/interventions, whole system change, or large-scale change. What makes them unique are two foundation assumptions: high involvement and a systemic approach to improvement.

At this conference, we will be working side-by-side to:

– Address critical needs at local and global levels,
– Expand the reach of the methods around the world,
– Design significant field research projects,
– Invent new tools, techniques, and applications,
– Incorporate technology to leverage existing methods,
– Connect with others to form joint ventures,
– Innovate educational programs and courses,
– Craft a common language, and
– Articulate a platform for this body of work.

Go to to learn more or to register.

Facing Violence: Justice, Religion and Conflict Resolution

February 1-3, 2007

The RockRose Institute’s 2007 World Forum on “Facing Violence: Justice, Religion and Conflict Resolution” took place in February 2007 at the Argent Hotel in San Francisco, California. Speakers included former U.S. Secretary of State Madeleine Albright and Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Elie Wiesel, and group dialogue was facilitated by Mark Gerzon, the Public Conversations Project, Search for Common Ground, The World Café and others.

The program offered an interactive experience for all participants, focusing on the question “How do we prepare people and societies to resolve conflicts and co-exist peacefully?” Go to for more details.

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