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There are numerous ways to interact with the NCDD network. First and foremost, if you’re not already a member, you should join NCDD! By joining, you become part of a dynamic network of practitioners, researchers, and activists working throughout the dialogue & deliberation community.

Whether you are a member of NCDD or not, we welcome you to utilize the following outlets to share resources, get input on your ideas, publicize your D&D-related events and trainings, find facilitators or convenors, obtain advice from seasoned colleagues, launch collaborative projects and more!

NCDD’s Members Network

At its essence, the NCDD Members Network is an interactive directory of all NCDD members. Since it is run on social network software, the Network allows our members to get to know each other better, share their work, and discuss what they care about. Visit the NCDD Members Network! Or read about how to best take advantage of the NCDD Members Network.

NCDD’s Discussion Lists

NCDD runs numerous email discussion lists (powered by L-Soft’s LISTSERV®) to foster networking, information-sharing and collaboration within the dialogue and deliberation community. Our most popular list – the main NCDD Discussion list – has over 1,050 subscribers as of June 2010, and is a source for advice and inspiration to many in the field.

Our discussion lists are used to provide a forum for exploration and networking among leaders and up-and-comers in the dialogue & deliberation community, to connect members of NCDD working groups, and to support regional and interest-based networking a way to stay connected.

We encourage all NCDD members to initiate new lists based on their interests. Learn more about our discussion lists and subscribe!

NCDD’s Announcement Lists

We run three main one-way announcement lists (not two-way discussion lists) – one strictly for members, one for those interested in NCDD conference news (send a blank email to [email protected] to subscribe), and our popular monthly email updates list (send a blank email to [email protected] to subscribe).

Subscribing to NCDD’s monthly email updates keeps you informed about what’s new in the world of dialogue & deliberation – and what’s new on the NCDD website. We keep over 20,000 people informed about opportunities and goings-on in this rapidly growing field via our updates list (powered by L-Soft’s LISTSERV®), and many people find them to be valuable and inspiring. Sign up for monthly email updates.

The NCDD Forum

NCDD’s forum, or bulletin board, was live from 2004 to 2007 – and has recently been reincarnated!  We’re currently using the forum to gather information about 3 “knowledge gaps” to lead into our 2010 regional events.

There are currently over 600 posts on the forum, including discussions on such topics as “How can we effectively mobilize the dialogue and deliberation community at times of crisis?” and “How can we walk our talk better as a community in terms of diversity and inclusion?”  Visit the forum at

News & Perspectives Blog

With new posts added almost daily, NCDD’s blog is one of the bests place online to stay informed about upcoming events, news about programs, and educational and training opportunities in intergroup dialogue, deliberative democracy, conflict resolution, and public engagement.

Go to our main page,, to visit the blog. Be sure to use the categories in the left sidebar if you’re looking for a specific type of item, like jobs, grant opportunities, higher ed resources, etc.

Participate by adding comments to any post or by submitting news for posting to [email protected] (note: posts from NCDD members get priority). If you would like to do more, consider joining our team of NCDD bloggers and posting informative pieces about areas and events that interest you (email Andy at [email protected] if you’re interested).

NCDD’s Social Media

Of course NCDD’s on FaceBook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.  But did you know we have hundreds of pictures posted at Flickr?  And that NCDD’s director Sandy Heierbacher created public playlists organizing dozens and dozens of D&D videos on YouTube?

FaceBook group (over 2,000 members!):
LinkedIn group:
YouTube: (shortcut link to public playlists of NCDD videos and D&D videos in general)
Flickr: (over 500 photos from the 2008 NCDD conference; also search for “ncdd2006″)

And here’s how to connect with NCDD’s Sandy Heierbacher via the big three…


National Conferences and Other Events

Our web technology helps connect members of NCDD and the greater dialogue and deliberation community, but nothing beats face-to-face interaction.

NCDD has held four biennial national conferences focused on strengthening and uniting the D&D community – in Alexandria, Virginia in 2002; Denver, Colorado in 2004; San Francisco, California in 2006; and Austin, Texas in 2008 – attended by over 1,400 people from two dozen countries.

At the moment, we are focusing on running regional NCDD events in fall 2010. Let us know if you’d like to help plan a regional event in Boston, Austin, Denver, San Francisco, Portland or Washington DC (email [email protected]). Click here to learn more about NCDD’s events (or click on “events” at the top of any page).

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