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NCDD is a Coalition of organizations and individuals who are committed to strengthening and uniting the growing dialogue and deliberation field. ?NCDD emerged from the October 2002 National Conference on Dialogue & Deliberation, which brought together practitioners and theorists from across the spectrum of D&D practice. ?NCDD welcomes you to join our efforts!
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Searching for information from the 2002 National Conference on Dialogue & Deliberation? This material has been moved to the National Coalition pages and can be accessed here.

Dialogue to Action emerged from various research projects and consultancies of Sandy Heierbacher. The DAI website provides info, tips and resources on organizing dialogues and moving dialogue groups from talk to effective community action. The site includes an enormous, well-organized Resources Section and access to the popular Dialogue Leaders discussion list.

The Dialogue Community was created to keep leaders in dialogue and deliberation informed, involved and inspired. Through the Dialogue Community, the Dialogue to Action Initiative compiles and posts news resources, ideas and events of interest to dialogue leaders.
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